If you have been thinking about becoming an entrepreneur and basing your business over some sort of an app, then chances are you have thought about entering the on demand structure in one way or another. The app-based taxi with delivery business is what is taking the world by a storm. Almost everything that we need today is available using an app. Today, people can even buy pets using an app! The most significant place in the market where apps have done exceptionally well is the service sector. People have learned to rely on their smartphones for all their needs.

Now, just about 5 years back, search engines used to be the solution to everything. But today, we have evolved to a much more filtered and seamless experience. We no longer depend on Google to answer all our queries because now apps allow us to not just find out who are the service providers around us but to also connect with them. This is why the on demand segment has been booming at an unprecedented rate. Uber was the torch bearer and introduced the concept of taxi booking using an application, but the world has come a long way since just Uber.

The better option

Because you are reading this blog, we assume you want to enter the taxi business based on an app too. But consider this for a moment, isn’t it much better to enter the arena of taxi booking as well as parcel delivery.

Why settle for earning over just one thing when you can use the same app to make more money? You don’t have to do that. The Taxi app with the delivery option will help you make more money. Because now you don’t have to restrict your income to taxi rides only.

What does this kind of a taxi with delivery app do?

This is a very simple application that enables users to either book rides or sends parcels. This means that when the user opens the application they get two options: Taxi Or Delivery.

If they want to book a ride, they can simply click on the taxi option. And mention their pick up and drop off points and get a cab. If they want to send a parcel, they can simply click on the Delivery option and mention the pickup and drop off points of the parcel. They can also choose the kind of vehicle they want to make the delivery in.

This means that if they simply want to send across an envelope, they can select a bike or if they want to send across bags of cement from one location to the other they can choose a truck. Based on the distance and the vehicle chosen, the prices will be pre-shown.

This gives you multiple opportunities of earning money because now you will get a commission regardless of whether the app is used to hail a ride or to send across a parcel.

No limitations

Investing in this app is definitely a very wise thing to do. This is because your investment is essentially just one time. What’s more, this app has no limitations and will allow you to give your customers a huge variety of options. They can send across anything from a bunch of keys their friend forgot at their place to a whole household packed in boxes in a truck. This means that no matter what kind of requirement they have, big or small, they will always jump to your application.

However, starting a business is a big thing for anyone, so if you are interested in going ahead with the taxi with delivery app, then you must dig around a little do a little research and then proceed with buying the app. Remember to look up cloned scripts because they are much faster to work with and are definitely much more affordable.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.