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The pandemic has been a hard time for the whole world. No one could have anticipated the kind of effect that a tiny pathogen could have on the scope of business all over the world. This is where an app like the Gojek Clone app comes into picture.

When the entire world was lock down inside the confines of their homes, the people have had to look for alternative means to help them with their daily requirements. An on demand multi service app that relies on the features and the powers of their smart phones in order to help service providers to offer their services in a safe and convenient way to their customers is a very important tool to have.


It is no secret that the Corona Virus CoVid 19 outbreak pandemic lockdown has crushed many businesses around the globe. Every time someone is looking for any kind of product or service, they want to be doubly sure that the service provider or the store is a safe place to purchase from because they don’t want to get infected or transmit the disease.

Therefore, it might be confusing when people talk about launching a whole new business during these stressful times. However, you can do so easily with a good Gojek Clone app. The Gojek Clone app is a service provider platform that can digitally assist users to get services whenever they need them. This means that it is a solution that is best need when people are restricted to their homes.

With the help of a Gojek Clone app that is load with some of the top CoVid 19 special features, you can make sure that you earn a lot of money and launch a pretty successful business. Let us take a look at some of the top Gojek Clone app CoVid 19 special features that your app needs:

Face Mask verification

This is a feature that ensures that the driver of the taxi booking section can only start a ride once he or she clicks a selfie wearing a face mask. This ensures the safety of the passengers as well as the drivers.

Safety Checklist

This is a feature that ascertains that whenever the app is used, the service providers as well as the users can see a checklist of safety norms laid down by the governments of that region. This will ensure that there is no gap in following proper protocol.

Contactless delivery

This is a very important feature that ensures that when users order items off the Gojek Clone app, the delivery professional can simply place their order outside their doors and click a picture of the same to notify the users. This is a feature that will ensure minimal to no contact between the delivery professional and the customer.

Cashless transactions

No one wishes to exchange a bunch of cash that has been to multiple places because it can prove to be the most lethal carrier of the CoVid 19 pathogen. This is why you must have an in app wallet within your Gojek Clone app that allows online cashless transactions so that seamless payments can be made.

Limited passenger booking

This is a feature that ensures that when booking a taxi using the Gojek Clone app, the users can only book a limited number of seats keeping in mind the norms of social distancing. The taxi owner can set a limit of seats that can be book per trip so that there is a gap of at least one person between two passengers.

Safety Badge

This is a feature that allows the app owner to allot a safety badge to stores and restaurants that follow all hygiene and safety practices as necessitated by the local governments and verified by you. When the user sees the mark of a safety badge next to a user they can be sure of the safety practices.


The Gojek Clone app is something that people have always wanted, but never realised that they could have within a single application. While the concept of on demand applications has been around for a while, amalgamating multiple applications within one is not something the world new of just 5 to 7 years back.

As more and more people came to understand how useful the Gojek Clone app could be, many entrepreneurs began trying to emulate this model for their own business. From trying to build a whole new app similar to the Gojek Clone app, to purchasing a ready made on demand Gojek Clone app, business owners from around the world have tried pretty much everything.

Building a new Gojek Clone app requires a lot of time and money, but buying a launch ready solution can be a simpler, time efficient and cost effective solution for entrepreneurs having all kinds of budgets.

If you wish to start your own on demand multi service business during the CoVid 19 pandemic era, it is important to research the market and prepare a solution that the people need. It will help if you test the app before investing in it. Another important thing is to take a look at the previous work experience of the company that you are planning to buy the Gojek Clone App from. Going through their video testimonials should give you an idea of what working with that company could be like apart from the quality of the apps that they have built and launched on the Google Play store as well as the iOS app store.

Finally, make sure that the app you are purchasing is load with all the right kinds of CoVid 19 special features. This will allow you to launch your business during these chaotic times and assure your users that they can trust you for safe delivery of products and services.

Research the market to find out its current trends, user expectations and more, so that the solution you offer to the people in the form of the Gojek Clone app is exactly what they are looking for. This is the right time for you to enter the multi service industry with a powerful app, so go for it and claim your throne in the market.

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