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Every person wishes to live a healthy and comfortable life, but sometimes due to different personal or professional reasons, one can be quite frustrated and looks for ways to curb anxiety and stress. Unfortunately, some of the individuals find solace.

However, constant or substance use has drastic effects on both physical and mental health. With growing societal, personal, or professional matters, many individuals may try to seek comfort but after some time realize their mistake and try to make amends.

The Purpose of Sober Living Homes

Fortunately, many rehabilitation facilities allow individuals to regain both their physical and mental health. In the rehab facility, there are several programs that last for weeks and months, depending on the health condition of the individual. Once the program is completed, the individual has the option to resettle and begin a new chapter in his/her life.

But coming back to normalcy after a vigorous treatment can be quite overwhelming as coming back to the same previous environment may trigger emotions and memories that the individual may try to avoid. Many times, going back home straight after the rehab means interacting with some unhealthy relationships and looks from the neighbors.

The best solution is ‘sober living homes’ for most individuals completing their treatment programs in rehab. A sober living home is defined as an intermediary or transitional place that can provide the support a person recovering from addiction needs. Sober living homes are known to give a clean and healthy environment that can allow a person to regain health and make positive decisions in his/her life.

The Luxury Features Available in Sober Living Homes

There is not only the prospect of having peaceful accommodation, but a person can avail of a wide range of amenities from private chefs to fitness training and spa treatments. The sober living homes from the name suggest a place that can help a person remain sober and not get back to any use while regaining health. The sober living homes are also called ‘halfway homes,’ which means it’s a transitional place, and the destination is complete freedom.

The best thing about sober living homes is that all the residents share more or less the same feelings and have a common goal. A person can easily share his/her story, which will immensely improve the recovery process. Many studies suggest that talking about your life, thoughts, and feelings without any burden helps a person recover quickly. One can easily share how he/she first and how his/her life started to deteriorate. The residents go through the same emotions, so they would not judge but, in fact, help each other and try to reach common grounds even when discussing things.

Luxury sober living California provides a fantastic environment to every individual who wants to recover quickly and reflect on his/her life and make a positive lifestyle change. Luxury means that all the accommodation and leisure facilities are available to the individuals, and they can use them without any restrictions or constraints.

The Rules and Regulations of Sober Living Homes

A luxury sober living home offers exquisite facilities from exclusive cuisines to peaceful surroundings, physical training options, art therapies, yoga classes, and counseling sessions from experts. The cost of availing of all the luxury features is by following all the rules and regulations, which are quite simple. There are different luxury sober living homes, but the structure is more or less the same. Some of the common rules include

Random drug and alcohol testing

The first and foremost rule of the sober living home is that no individual should use and get random testing to ensure if he/she has consumed or not. There are also strict rules and heavy fines for those who violate this rule.

Attending regular house meetings

Another important rule for individuals to follow is to attend meetings regularly. The sessions allow residents to discuss matters, share grievances, assign tasks, and provide feedback on issues.

Following 12 steps

In many sober living homes, residents are asked to participate in a 12 steps treatment program that can allow them to recover effectively. Residents may be asked to get a signed sheet that can authenticate their attendance.

Performing house chores

Every individual has to perform house chores such as cleaning and meal preparation. The chores and tasks are usually assigned on a rotating basis so that there is not a burden on particular residents and each individual can share and participate.

Future plans

Individuals may have the option to either complete their studies or look for part or full-time employment.

Luxury sober living homes are known to provide maximum comfort to the residents and can be availed if all the house rules and requirements are followed. Individuals can go to an outing alone or with a group and enjoy their time. An outing may be either shopping, a visit to an amusement park, or lunch or dinner in a restaurant. A person can take free time and participate in community chores while the rest of the residents perform the house chores.

A person’s family may be allowed to come for extra visits, and a proven track record of maintaining house rules may also earn the person fewer restrictions. A person recovering from needs proper time and space to heal, and a luxury sober living home is the best place that provides constant support and counseling along with luxurious services.

There are many benefits of sober living homes, and there have been many individuals across the country who have high praise for the support and strength given to them while staying in sober living homes. Immediately returning to your home or normalcy is not easy for a person recovering from addiction due to peer pressure and temptations when partying with friends. But a sober living home is the best place that gives safety and support and maximum cooperation that a person needs to regain health.

By Anurag Rathod

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