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Living Room, Bedroom and Bathroom Life Hacks

Living Room, Bedroom and Bathroom Life Hacks

Decorating or making the most out of the space you have in your home can be a devastating task. Sometimes the conventional ways are not what you are looking for. It is quite healthy for your home maintenance appetite to use some life hacks in those times. 

Here we have curated a list of life hacks you can use in living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms to make the most out of your space and decoration.

For Living Rooms:

Use these hacks to take your living room decoration to another level with better care and a smarter approach.

  • Patterned Paint Roller: If you detest having wallpaper and don’t like the look of it then you can go for a Patterned Paint Roller to enhance the look of your wall. It looks more natural and intensifies the feel of it.
  • Half Painted Walls: If your ceilings don’t have much height then you can use this hack. It’s pretty much simple, just paint half of your walls vertically. This gives an illusion of an increase in the ceiling height.
  • Tape Design Your Walls: If you don’t want to apply moldings on your wall then you can use this hack. All you have to do is to use a wide painter tape and paste it on the wall in the desired manner. After that, you can paint on the wall and remove the tape after that.
  • Use Pest Control To Increase Hardwood Life: Cleaning is fine but if you want to take proper care of your hardwood floors, you need to call the Pest Control Experts to make things easier for you. So better go for a good pest control services provider to double the life of your floors.

For Bedrooms:

Storage hacks make more sense for a bedroom then the decorative ones. These tips will help you make the most of your bedroom space without making it look bad.

  • Use Tall Beds with Drawers: This hack is useful if you are out of space in your bedroom. You can go for a bed with lots of drawers so you can stuff it with things you need space for. It’s a one-time investment but it will go a long way if you have a small bedroom.
  • A Door Hanger: You can hang stuff on the inside of your doors. This is pretty convenient with handing towels and clothes you want to wear the next day. You can buy a hanger of your choice and paste it on the door.
  • Shelf Behind the Bed: If you are out of space then you can use the one behind your bed. With this simple hack, you can fit all your bedtime reading books there. It is quite handy as you have access to all the stuff that is right behind the bed you sleep in.

For Bathrooms:

These bathroom hacks will help you assemble all the bathroom stuff in an efficient manner.

  • Use Coat Hooks For Shared Towels: Instead of using a single tower hanger, you can use a coat hanger to hang different towels. One may find it unhygienic to use the same hanger for different towels used by different persons.
  • Keep your Face wash and Shampoo Upside Down: When your Shampoo or Face wash is about to run out then using this hack is quite meaningful. Keeping the bottles upside down makes the left being accumulate at the bottom or near the cap. It makes it easy to use every last drop of it.
  • Hanging Wrinkled Clothes Near While Showering: You can hang that wrinkled T-Shirt when you take a shower. You will be amazed to find out the wrinkles pretty much gone from the cloth.

So these are some of the life hacks you can use for better care of your home. You can always be more creative and experimental when it comes to finding hacks according to your place. Make sure to use only those things which make sense to you. Shaping your home in order to use a life hack is not what smart people would do.

These life hacks will help you save time, money and energy. These things are generally common sense and easily attainable so that you can apply them to make home care easier for you.

We hope you liked this list of life hacks you can apply in your Living Rooms, Bedroom, and Bathrooms. There is always more you can do when it comes to home care. So don’t stick with these, just use more wisdom and come up with more stuff because it is a never-ending journey.

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