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Smart Ideas To Use Decorative Pvc Ceiling Rose

Smart Ideas To Use Decorative Pvc Ceiling Rose

Decorative pvc ceiling roses are generally made up of pvc of Paris and are used widely for decorative purposes. They can be attached to any kind of ceiling with the help of adhesive or plastering. These are generally lighter in weight and do not fall off easily. They are available in many color variants. They can even be painted after installing them to the ceiling and you can blend the color combination of the room with the ceiling roses.

Nowadays, there are various home decor options. We can find several decorative options for ceilings, floors, windows, doors, etc. One of the most common home decor options is decorating the ceiling with decorative pvcceiling roses and light fittings. Till now, people love to use them in the modern outlook as well. So if you want to decorate your ceiling then you can use some decorative pvc ceiling roses.

#5 Ways to Use the Decorative Pvc Ceiling Roses:

Decorative pvc ceiling roses were popular not only in the old days but also in the contemporary period. The beautiful designs and textures made them look very attractive and are thus used in modern ceilings as well. There are many types of designs which can be used in modern home decor today. Some of them are discussed below:

  1. The Victorian-style leaf: Ceilings have endless designs. Ceilings can be decorated with floral patterns and Victorian style leaves. They can be used for simple and plain ceilings. This is generally a vintage look and was found in the palaces of the emperors. So if you want to decorate your rooms with vintage style then you can install such pvc roses.  
  2. Chic look: For a chic and glamorous outlook, white and grey colored decorative pvc ceiling roses can be used. It should be placed in such a way that the mirror of the room reflects the chandelier. This will definitely give a vintage look and make the ceiling look higher.
  3. Charcoal ceiling rose: A huge pvc ceiling rose can be fitted above the dining room light and can be painted in such a way that it matches the light fixture hardware. This can give a new dimension to a dark room and be a perfect match for a traditional as well as a modern outlook.
  4. Bedroom ideas: Decorative pvc ceiling roses when fitted at the focal point of your bedroom, can add a vivid touch to the entire look. Add a contrasting colored ceiling rose at the focal point of the ceiling above the fan or the chandelier. For example, if your walls have a lighter shade, then you can add a ceiling rose of darker shade like turquoise or pink. You can even paint them if you do not get the intended color in the market.
  5. Modular kitchens: Kitchens white high ceilings and white walls are perfect for pvc ceiling roses. They can be fitted above the chandelier of the kitchen. A ceiling at a minimum height of 15 foot is required for installing such ceiling roses. But to install such ceiling roses, you need to hire experienced professionals and you must check their previous works to understand their creativity scale.

Decorative pvc ceiling roses are used widely in offices and homes today but unlike the older times; instead of candles electric lights are used. These fittings camouflage the base of the light or the fan and hence give a nice look. Thus, it can be said, these have an important place in interior designing in the contemporary time as well. They add an aesthetic touch to the ceiling of the room.

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