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Why Magento 2 Banner Slider Essential for your Magento 2 Store?

Why Magento 2 Banner Slider Essential for your Magento 2 Store?

Banner management can be a real challenge these days, but it is critical if you want to raise customer awareness of your brand. Also, we cannot neglect the fact that the slider images have the potential to enhance user experience (UX). Using the Magento 2 Banner Slider extension can help you reach your digital marketing goals.

Steps for Adding a Banner Slider to Website

The banner slider is one of the best ways to create a beautiful Magento 2 homepage. As Magento does not give us a chance to create the banner slider on the homepage. As a result, you’ll need aMagento 2 banner slider extension to manage multiple banners from a single place.

In order to get it up and running, there are two main steps:

1.   Installing the M2 Banner Slider Extension

A zip file containing everything you’ll need to set up your Magento store will be sent to your computer after you’ve downloaded it from MageAnts website. As soon as you’ve opened your SSH terminal, you can begin typing in the commands one by one. Follow the steps and you can Install the M2 Banner SliderExtension.

2.   M2 Banner Slider Extension: Setting up the slider

Sub-steps are quoted in this section.

  • Step 1: Add the banners in the slider (block)
  • Step 2: Add the uploaded banners to a slider (block).
  • Step 3: To finish configuring the block, click the Save Block icon.

In order to get the extension up and running, you should hire Magento 2 expert and the M2 Banner Slider Extensionwill be ready to use.

When it comes to a Magento 2 store, why do you need a banner slider?

People have become accustomed to ignoring static banners as a result of what is known as “ad blindness”. Visitors are drawn in by movement in the form of an animated banner slider. Magento’s built-in options for creating banner sliders come with limited access.

With the help of Magento 2 Banner Slider, you can publicize brand-new products and limited-time deals. Also, by adjusting the design elements in the soldier you can apply animation effects and link banners to any page you want. With no special skills required, you can enjoy user-friendly configurations and make any necessary customizations.

The Banner Slider Magento 2 is essential.

If you want to display responsive sliders/banner carousels on your Magento store, this carousel lets you do so with ease.

This is built using the owl.carousel.js JavaScript library. With the help of this extension, you get to add banner carousels by making use of videos, images, or custom content to your Magento 2 store. Increased page engagement and a lower bounce rate have been attributed to sliders. You can use sliders to highlight promotions, direct customers to special offers, products, or pages from your Magento 2 store, and entice customers from the very first moment they arrive at your site.

Features of Responsive Magento 2 Banner Slider

Promote your promo ideas with eye-catching, responsive banners, and make sure they respond to customer behavior in-store by assigning slides with rich content. It will help to make the future of Responsive Banner Slider for Magento 2.

1.   The Banner Slider module can be enabled or disabled

This extension is extremely customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs and desires. That’s why you can activate or deactivate the banner slider module right from your admin panel. Using this feature is the best part because you don’t have to rely on any technical person for this.

2.   Manage a large number of banners and their slideshows

From the admin panel of your website, you can manage multiple slider banners. In addition to banners, you can also use sliders to display multiple images.

3.   New sliders will be created

Make your own Banner Slider for your store and put it on your website’s home page without any worries. It is possible to create new sliders with the ‘creation of new sliders’ feature of this extension.

4.   Short Codes are simple to use

To make any changes to the banners or their behavior, you only need to use the extension’s simple Short Codes.

5.   Slider images can be changed

It’s possible to use a variety of images, including the product’s image, or an external image, with our extension.

6.   Set the new slider’s default settings

From the admin configuration panel, you can also set the default settings for new sliders to the settings you want to be applied to every new slider. As a result, you don’t have to spend time and effort configuring each slide individually.


What are you looking for in a website extension that allows store owners to place smart banners? Banner Slider is a great tool for creating unlimited banners for your website that can be used to reach your target audience. To include a slew of beautiful sliders with endless images and video slides, you’ll need the fully-responsive extension. It’s possible to gather and arrange the slider data to see how it works best. Numerous image and video sliders for your collected data, each with its own design options. This provides features such as a full-screen picture slider and a slider in the shopping cart that can be used to enhance the strategic positioning of products.

Hence, we can conclude that Magento 2 banner slide is one of the best Magento 2 extensions that can help you create amazing banner slides easily that were difficult earlier before.

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