visa subclass 887

A Skilled Visa Subclass 887 or 887 visa allows the candidate to work, live, and study in Australia if and only if the applicant has lived in Australia for two years under any qualified visa and have worked in any specific territorial region. With this visa, the candidate can sponsor his or her family members in their remaining courses and also include his or her family members at the time of applying for a visa 887 application. The applicant will likewise apply for any wellbeing plans(Health schemes) in Australia. With the visa subclass 887, you can make a trip to or from Australia the same number of times as you need. Candidates can apply for permanent Australian citizenship with the help of Skilled regional Visa Subclass 887 only if he or she is eligible.

Conditions for Visa Subclass 887:

There are numerous conditions for applying for a visa 887 that is laid down by the Australian authorities. But if we talk about the most basic conditions than there some main conditions that are –

●       The Applicant must be 18 years old while applying for the visa 887.

●       No debts remaining on the Australian Government while applying for this visa.

●       The applicant must have any documents as proof for clarifying that he is a residence for at least 2 years in Australia.

●       The candidate must have full-time work experience in Australia for at least one year.

●       For the visa 887 application, the applicant should follow the health and character requirement as per the Australia framework.

●       For this visa application, the candidate and his or her family members should sign on the Australian value statement.

Eligibility Criteria for Subclass 887:

  • The person who is applying for this visa must be 18 years of age.
  • The candidate must be nominated or invited by the Australian government or state/ regional authorities for this visa.
  • The candidate has proof of no refused or canceled previous visa application.
  • Candidates have a proof for at least 2 years to stay on a nominated designation location.
  • Candidates have any proof of full-time work experience of at least 1 year in nominated designation location.
  • The candidate has to show the evidence of holding a previous visa.
  • The candidate must not have any due expenses to the government of Australia.
  • Confirmation that he or she qualifies the specific for health and characters requirement according to the Australian government.
  • The candidate must have the evidence of Australian value statement.
  • The candidate must be in the country at the time of applying for the 887 visa application. 

Checklist For 887 Visa Application:

For an error-free visa application, you should have all the legal documents with you at the time of applying for this visa and other different things have to be kept in your mind. You should be very careful about all these documents and their copies while applying for this visa. Before applying for the visa you should check all the documents and papers very carefully. So here is a checklist for visa 887-

  • For you and your family, the Australian government must not hold any outstanding expenses.
  • You must have the document in which you and your family signed that is the Australian value statement.
  • For the visa application, you must have a document as proof that is proving that you had or still have an eligible visa or bridging visa.
  • You must have to submit a required legal document that shows your actual age.
  • For the 887 visa application, you must have a document as evidence that proves you had or still inside the Australian borders for at least 2 years.
  • You must have a document that clarifies you are nominated or invited by the Australian authorities or from your eligible relatives.
  • You must have the documents that prove you worked full-time for at least 1 year In Australia.
  • You must have documents with you as evidence that shows you have no outstanding due to the Australian government.
  • For this visa application, you must have a document to show that you have no previous canceled or refused a visa.

887 visa processing time:

Visa 887 is an important visa and time will be decided according to the submission of visa application. So, if we are talking about the processing time for the subclass 887 then the typical visa processing time can be started as:-

75% of visa applications processed in 18 months and,

90% of applications processed in 21 months

But the processing time for an 887 visa can vary from the actual time due to the individual circumstances. The processing time for this visa may change from time to time according to the number of applications that the department has and how much time it takes to receive and check additional information by the external agencies. Processing time also depends on how much time you take to respond to any request for additional information.

How To Apply For This Visa:

You can apply for the visa subclass 887 online or with the help of any registered migration agent.
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