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When you host an online event, it’s essential to promote it well. If you don’t promote it, you can’t expect it to get enough visitors.

Also, when you promote the event, you must also track the key metrics that can help you determine how well your promotions have worked.

Be it the return on investment (ROI) or even the total number of attendees, you should track it all to understand if your event was a success or not.

Here are the top six metrics you can monitor for your online event.

Metrics You Should Track for Your Online Event

Let’s take a closer look at which metrics you should monitor for your events:

1. Advertising CTR (Click-Through-Rate)

When you promote your online event, you’ll likely leverage ads to spread the word. You may even send out emails to your subscribers and promote your event through them too.

Regardless of the channel of your choice, you’ll be directing your prospects to a landing page. For this reason, you need to track the CTR of your links to the landing page. This will help you identify the effectiveness of your promotions.

2. Event Registrations

The next thing that you need to find is the number of registrations for your online event. This can help you figure out how many people might potentially turn up for the event.

By comparing this with the number of landing page visitors, you can find out the effectiveness of your landing page too.

3. Registrant to Attendee Conversion Rate

Apart from the total number of registrations, you also need to find out the total attendees of your event.

This can help you understand how many people who registered for the online event actually turned up for it.

It speaks volumes about the effectiveness of your marketing efforts between the time that they registered and the event.

4. Average Viewing Time

The average viewing time of your online event helps you understand how engaging it was for the attendees.

A higher average viewing time means that most attendees were present throughout the event.

You can find this number by dividing the total viewing time by the number of attendees.

5. Event Engagement Rate

The average viewing time only speaks about how long the attendees viewed your event. However, it doesn’t indicate how many of them engaged with it well.

For this, you need to identify the engagement rate of your event based on how many attendees engaged with features like polls, surveys, group discussions, etc.

6. ROI (Return on Investment)

Finally, measuring the ROI of your online event is a must. This is the metric that helps you understand if your event was a success or not.

To find out your ROI, you need to determine the total profit generated from the event and divide it by the total cost and multiply that by 100.

Want to learn more about online events and the metrics you should track for them? Check out this infographic created by FLOW.

6 Key Metrics for Breakthrough Online Events

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