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In all honesty, there is no secret to living a happy life. The job we do, the people we are surrounded by, the things we do day to day…all these have a different effect on us. Here are a few common things that pummel your happiness, and how to change that. 

Prioritize Your Sleep

Sleep is extremely vital for humans to function yet it’s strange that most of us willingly sacrifice it in order to achieve day to day goals. By not getting sufficient nighttime sleep, you are keeping your body in a state of constant tiredness. This will cause irritation and short temper, as well as a difficulty in concentrating and being creative. This can affect your day to day tasks as well as your work efficiency. You are also putting yourself and potentially others in danger as well, as your reactions and reflexes are slower. This makes even a simple task like driving dangerous. In short, lack of sleep can be a reason for your general dissatisfaction with life, so aim to get enough nighttime sleep.

Eat Well, Eat Healthy

Are you someone who feels you are too busy to cook your meals? If so, most of your meals might be fast food. Unfortunately, our body cannot survive on fast food alone, and can potentially feel deprived, causing you to feel unhealthy and unhappy. As a result weight will be gain. But need to know how to lose weight? Use a calorie counter to calculate the amount of calories you should take in each day. Cook at least one meal per day at home, even if it’s a simple meal like overnight oats that you can eat on the go. Don’t cut yourself entirely of unhealthy meals, for sometimes, it’s the unhealthy meals that make your mind happy. Eat well, eat healthy, and eat tasty food.

Socialize More Often With Friends, Family and Even Strangers 

Humans are social creatures, something we tend to forget pretty easily when we’re trying to each life goals and meet deadlines. As a result of prioritizing our work, we inevitably estrange ourselves from friends, family and even neighbours⎯ultimately making ourselves unhappy in general. Take the time out each day to meet up with friends or family. Have a little snuggle time with loved ones. Reach out to those who care about you, even if it’s through a phone call. Communication has improved a great deal in the last few decades…so you have no excuse to give.

Do Your Best to Exercise Regularly 

Exercising makes us happy; this is no secret it is necessary for healthy life. The blood rush, the pleasant hum of muscle soreness after a workout, the flush our skin has…these are all things that automatically make us feel happier, and more accomplished. Do your best to exercise every day, even if it’s briefly. Wake up a little earlier if possible to workout when your body and mind is fresh. Not only will you actually workout better during the morning, but you’ll also carry that energy flow and happiness with you to work, inevitably making your day better and your work more efficient.  

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.