Aries birthstone is at the first commencing position in the zodiac system. Duration of the Aries starts from 21 March and ends at 19 April of each year. Many of the people love this stone for adornment and also for event jewelry. Two mineral and eye-catching gemstones have association with Aries. Each of them has its own attributes.

Aries Birthstone Flower

Aries Birthstone flower is daisy. It is the flower that opens its petals in the sunlight and closes them when the sunlight disappears. The most prominent color of daisy is white but it also exists in nature in red, yellow and purple colors. It delivers the message of cheerfulness and sympathy. This flower is the main source for the formation of honey.

Classification of Aries Birthstones

Aries Birthstones according to the months are classified into March and April Aries Birthstone.

Properties of March Aries Birthstone

It is March Aries Birthstone that radiates energy having a gently calming effect concerning the sea. Mariners and seafarers defined the meaning of the gemstone by concluding results from their observations.  

The ancient Greeks were very confident about the blessed attributes of the March Aries Birthstone to protect their sailors. They used to place the stone on the deck of the ship till it reached its destination. They had been comfortable with the stone during the whole sea journey. Moreover, at night they placed the aquamarine under their pillows for mental tranquility.

The bearers of the stone live fearless and courageous life. Consistent use of the stone generates confidence in the personality of the individuals.

Magical Attributes of the April Aries Birthstone

April Aries Birthstone is diamond. It is one of the most precious mineral gemstones. There is no restriction on anyone for the use of diamonds. But for Aries having a date of birth from 01 April to 19 April, it is the stone that transforms positive characteristics. It also assists in getting rid of negative attitudes.

Mineral Aries gemstone is an allotropic form of carbon that comes into existence at very high temperature and pressure. The stones reside 100 miles below the surface of the earth. With natural volcanic disruption they reach near the surface of earth.

Aries birthstone is also used in the ornaments. Diamond jewelry is the special gift for the bride on her wedding day. Today you can purchase diamond rings, necklaces, pendants and earrings if your pockets support such precious jewelry.

White Aries Birthstone Color without any birthmark is the wish of wearers but it is not easily available in the market as mineral diamonds are seldom birthmarks free. 

Colors of the diamond have a range that starts from D and ends at Z. D to F range for white or colorless diamond. As we move down, traces of boron in the stone change its color.

There are four factors that affect the price of the diamond in the market. All of them start from the alphabet C and are known as 4 C’s of diamond. These four price influencing factors are Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat. 

The best size and weight for diamonds are 6.5 mm and 1 Carat respectively.

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