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List of Important TCodes in SAP FICO

SAP FICO TCodesFields it is Used ForDescription of the Fields
SPROEnter IMGAn implementation guide that adapts the SAP System to suit company needs.
OX02Company Code – Create, Check, DeleteThe company code is part of the central organization of external accounting within the SAP system.
OX03Create Business AreaBusiness premises are used to separate transactions from different business lines in a company.
OKBDFunctional AreasWorkplace is an accounting feature that determines operating costs in terms of tasks. Example Production, Management.
OB45Create Credit Control AreaThe organizational unit represents the area in which customer credit is rewarded and employed. This could be one or a few company codes.
OB29Maintain Fiscal Year VariantIn SAP the financial year is provided separately. Delivery times can also be specified in each version of the financial year. SAP allows 16 postal times per financial year.
OB37Assign Co. Code to Fiscal Year VariantSince the Fiscal Year Variant was created at client level, it is necessary to provide a company code. sap fico training in Noida
OB13Creation of Chart of Account (CoA)The Account Chart is a list of General Ledger Account Master. The Accounts Chart is defined at client level and assigned to each company code.
OBY7Copy Chart of Account (CoA) 
OBY9Transport Chart of Account 
OBD4Define Account GroupAn account group divides or collects the same accounts into one group. Each account group for SAP FICO training in Delhi is assigned an account chart, so we can only use an account group if the control sites use the same account chart.
OBY2Copy GL Accounts from the Chart to Co. Code 
OB53Define Retained EarningsThe Retained Earnings account states that it will be used to send expenses and annual revenue. It is used to transfer the balance from the current financial year to the next financial year.
OB58Maintain Financial Statement Versions 
OBC4Maintain Field Status VariantThe field variation is used to describe the fields used for inputs such as cost center, profit center, industry etc. which are entry points and hidden forums. Field variation is a tool provided by SAP to provide the same set of properties for more than one item.
OBBODefine Posting Period VariantA different sap fico online training posting period is used to keep accounting times open for posting and all closed times are equal. This is used for opening and closing periods in the financial year for shipping purposes. As it builds the level of the client needs to be given a company code.
OB17Define Document Type & Number RangesText type in SAP is defined to separate business transactions. For example, functions such as customer payments and merchant credit memoranda are classified into two different types of documents in SAP for future identification.
OB41Maintain Posting KeysThe SAP sending key is a two-digit numeric key that determines the type of activity embedded in the queue object. Shipping keys to SAP controls the input of the document input item.
OBA4Create Tolerance GroupsSAP Tolerance Groups define user authorization to SAP. These referral permissions specify the number of specific groups of accounting users allowed to send.
FBN1Create GL Number RangesDocument numbers separately identify all transactions during the financial year in the company code. Document code numbers in SAP are used to describe how numbers can be allocated to sales.
OBL1Automatic Posting Documentation 
FBKPAutomatic Account Assignment 
OBYCMM Automatic Account AssignmentOBYC configuration creation creates the core of SAP integration between MM, FI, and Control modules in traditional SAP. The transaction keys are used to determine the normal ledger accounts used by the system.
OBY6Enter Global Parameters 
FS00Creation of GL Master RecordsWith the Activity application Manage G / L Main Account data, you can display and create G / L Main Account data. You can also easily add new G / L accounts from the beginning or based on existing accounts.
F-02Posting of GL TransactionsThis FI function code is used to send any JV entries.
FB03Display of GL DocumentAfter submitting any transaction, the system will generate an accounting document. Therefore, to view that calculation we can use this SAP FICO TCode FB03.
FS10NDisplay of GL AccountsFor the perfect GL balance.
OB46Define Interest Calculation Types 
OBD3Define Vendor Account GroupIn order to create a master merchant record, we must specify an account group. With the Vendor account group we determine the interval for account numbers, whether the number assigned internally by the system or outside the user. That one-time account. Which fields are ready to be installed or have to be completed when creating and changing key records.
XK01Creation of Vendor MasterBy using this SAP FICO TCode, we can create a Merchant Specialist and update, General Information, accounting information and Purchase information.
F-43Purchase Invoice PostingHow to send only one invoice per accounting view. However, it does not include seller invoice submission.
FK10NDisplay Vendor AccountCertain balance of full merchant account.
F112Define House BankCreating a single House Bank in SAP ERP.

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