salesforce lightning pro vs enterprise

Which Sales Cloud edition will suit your business best? The title may make you wonder why only Salesforce lightning professionals and enterprise when there are two more in editions.  

Yes, Sales Cloud has four amazing range of four editions, known as:

  • Unlimited ($3) user/month and annually billing) 
  • Enterprise ($150 user/month and annually billing)
  • Professionals ($75 user/month and annually billing)
  • Essential ($25 user/month and annually billing)

But you can see them respectively with mentioned prices. When you want to choose a high price and low price, it is easy to decide. In Salesforce lightning Pro and Salesforce lightning enterprise, it becomes a step more difficult to choose from these best of the edition. 

Well, don’t worry! That’s why our Salesforce lightning consultants are here for the rescue. By this full-blown article on Salesforce lightning editions, they will resolve all your confusions and guide the light.    

Salesforce Lightning Pro Vs Enterprise

Distinct Salesforce solutions have tons of functionality and few limitations that part them for various businesses. In the next segment, we are talking about both lightning editions, so you can make the best choice.     

When to Pick Lightning Pro?

Want to manage products and quotes, price book, order, and contracts with the user limit (10 CRM users)? The professional edition would be the best fit. This lightning edition will help you grow your business fast with the following features.   


  • Rule-based lead scoring  
  • Campaigning management 
  • Product & price book 
  • Quotes and order management
  • Google apps integration 
  • Mass emails 
  • Lightning sync 
  • Sales forecasting 
  • Case management 
  • Lead assignment and routing 
  • Sandbox to develop and test new functionalities


  • Lack of opportunity to customise the solution 
  • Integration with third-party systems via APIs required 25 USD user/month, which makes it costly. 
  • Pro don’t have opportunity teams & splits. 

Who Can Use Salesforce Lightning Pro?

  • Small or midsize companies with single sales departments.
  • Organisation with 11 to 60 sales team members
  • Companies that need support in a quote, enabling sales forecast, order management, create & test new system configuration with sandbox.  

When to Pick Lightning Enterprise?

 Most usable from all Sales Cloud editions, enterprise cover better security, Salesforce integration, customisation and automation and more. Under the configuration of security, most of the time you have limited access. But enterprise versions offer control over what you can edit and can’t edit. Unlike the professional version, enterprises can integrate multiple systems. Also, this edition has a web-to-lead. Despite these, it offers loads of following features.   


  • Advanced reporting 
  • Process builder 
  • Record types
  • Web Service APIs
  • Workflow approvals 
  • Data storage & sandboxes 
  • Opportunity teams that enable sales reps
  • Opportunity splits that shares revenue
  • Custom profiles, roles and professions and page layouts
  • Unlimited automation capabilities with process and flow builder
  • Unlimited number of a user profile, user role, permissions, page layouts, and record type per object


  • It does not impede a large-scale organisation
  • Limited 25 lightning apps 
  • 200 custom objects creation (maximum) 
  • 500 custom field objects creation (maximum)
  • 200 custom report types (maximum) 
  • 100 active validation rules/object

Who Can Use Salesforce Lightning Enterprises?

  • Large scale enterprises with multiple departments
  • 50+ sales team members 
  • Enterprise that needs support in automation default, third-party integration and custom tools
  • Looking for control over user access and CRM info store

Note: If you feel enterprise edition is not sufficient for your business, you can opt for the higher one: Unlimited.  

The Decision is Yours!

 For a profitable and rational Salesforce edition, make sure you have carefully analysed your organisation and only then decide. Read all aforementioned features, limitations. If they fit your requirements, go for the most suitable one. By a way of alternative, you can consult it from the best Salesforce Lightning Consultant.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.