pvc conveyor belt

The industry of PVC Conveyor Belts has seen immense growth recently. Minding the current trends conveyor belt industry will be able to compose revenue of over 5 Billion USD in upcoming years as the Conveyor belts are the backbone of any manufacturing industry. 

These belts carry out one of the most significant tasks in a sector which is the transportation of goods. Within the industry, it is essential to transport goods and products to their respective destinations in a systematic manner. 

Why Conveyor Belts?

Conveyor belts prove to be somewhat helpful on an industrial level. The two factors where these belts contribute incredibly are the saving of time and money. In many cases, due to improper handling of materials, they get damaged. It causes a heavy burden on the budget. 

Industries need to keep the loss of content as low as possible. PVC Conveyor belts are capable of achieving this task. They make transportation much more comfortable, thus increase the production rate. 

In mass manufacturing industries, the application of conveyor belts plays a notable role. Proper distribution and packaging of products in a determined period became possible with faster-integrated transportation system through conveyor belts. 

Now let’s see analysis of PVC Conveyor Belt Manufacturing Industries by various classifications.

pvc conveyor belt

According to products

Most popular product under the classification of conveyor belts is flat belts.  All because of their simple design and adaptability to various applications, these products are vastly used in multiple industries. Apart from flat belts, industries also use cleated belts. Whenever, the ease of transportation emerges as priority, unique conveyor belts act as the solution.

According to applications

PVC conveyor belts are prominent in the stream of transportation. So, applications include food industries, steel industry, cement industry etc. More than that, there are other mass product manufacturing industries in which conveyor belts are essential. Food and beverage industries secure the high ground in this regard. The packaging is a vital section of this industry and straps can provide better direction to it. Conveyor belts ensure the safe shifting of products. Hence, the presence of this kind of belts is truly precious.

The demand for conveyor belts will effectively rise due to the growth of these industries. Steel is the ever-growing industry, along with the food and beverage industry. In upcoming years, estimation says that implementation of conveyor belts in most of the manufacturing industries will take place despite their scale. 

According to material

On a broad range, the base material for conveyor belts is metal and polymer. Under polymer, PVC belts are most recognized and used in most of the manufacturing industries. Additionally, PVC conveyor belt suppliers are perceiving soaring demand compared to other counterparts of polymer belts. It is happening because of its flexibility to work in different industrial environments. The respective belts are uncommonly adaptable.  

You can find its application in light, medium as well as heavy industries. Industries food, electronics, glass, woodworking, meat, and few other sectors establish internal transportation system with these belts. Conveyor belts are capable of working almost everywhere, which puts it in high position among other materials.

According to the mode of use

At times, industries choose to comply with stationery conveyor belts. The primary reason for selecting such belts is that it can cover prolonged distances. Stationery belts provide a lot of freedom and the same factor matters much in the transportation sector.

PVC conveyor belts are also profoundly opted for stationery conveyors. This type of bags tracks the ability to extend over infinite distances due to their flexibility which reduces material cost. It is challenging to employ metal in such circumstances because it will result in a drastic increase in overall value. As a result, PVC conveyor belts turns out to be the most efficient alternative.

 On the other hand, portable conveyor belts are alternative, but the drawback of limited size stays constant.  Simultaneously, PVC conveyor belts are pioneering the global reach. Also, PVC Conveyor belt manufacturers India are progressing at rapid speed. 

Let’s look at some prominent PVC conveyor belt suppliers


Fenner’s headquarters is in the United Kingdom and is one of the oldest conveyor belt manufacturers in the world. They provide high-quality PVC conveyor belts to major industries. Fenner reserves business wings spread across all continents. 

Habasit AG 

It is another large conveyor belt manufacturing industry which comes from Germany. Habasit AG established more than 16 manufacturing units around the earth. Besides, PVC conveyor belts these suppliers deal in other PVC products too.


This Holland-based industry is widely regarded as one of the stablest manufacturers of conveyor belts. Currently, there are over ten manufacturing units under its branches and it serves over more than 100 countries. 

S.K.I. Engineers India

S.K.I. Beltings is among top PVC Conveyor belt manufacturers India has witnessed recently. The mentioned suppliers distribute belts across various countries such as China, USA, Australia, Canada etc.

Final Words

PVC Conveyor belt manufacturing industries usually come in varying scale. Credits to widespread demand, more small scale manufacturers are emerging. Global estimation states that an uptick in consumer products will eventually affect conveyor industries for the greater good. In upcoming years we can see some serious competition among these industries and more employability in the sector.  

By Anurag Rathod

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