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The Pearson Test of English is carried out to test your reading, writing, speaking, and listening abilities. Thousands of universities across various countries, like the United Kingdom, the United States of America, New Zealand, Australia, etc., accept the Pearson Test of English as evidence of the English fluency of the student.

The PTE is a 2-hour exam with 20 questions that evaluates your English and provides fast results through AI. The exciting part about the PTE exam is that it just got better! New improvements have been made, which we are going to discuss in the following article.

PTE Exam Types

The PTE exam consists of three types, namely –

  • PTE Academic
  • PTE General
  • PTE Academic Online

All three types have different exam patterns, including other parts evaluating students’ Basic English language proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

PTE Exam Format for 2023

The PTE test format for 2023 has a few new updates along with important considerations to keep in mind. Following are different types of PTE test formats described in detail.

PTE Academic Exam Format

As discussed above, the PTE exam is about 2 hours long and involves four parts:

  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Writing

Although the number of questions is not consistent for any part, the following is a detailed brief about the PTE academic exam format for 2023.

Writing and Speaking:

It includes 7 questions with a time duration of 50 to 70 minutes. The exam pattern involves –

  • The writing and speaking sections of the PTE exam are the longest.
  • All the questions are designed to evaluate your writing and speaking proficiency.
  • Some of the section’s activities involve introducing yourself within the first 30 to 40 seconds, describing something in your own words, reading out loud, filling in the answers for short questions, writing an essay, concluding a written paragraph or text, and so on.


It includes 5 questions with time duration of 30 minutes. The exam pattern involves –

  • All the questions in the reading section are curated to judge your fluency and speed while you read.
  • You have to read out loud, fill in the answers for the multiple-choice questions, rearrange paragraphs, etc.


It includes 8 questions with a time duration of 40 minutes. The exam pattern involves –

  • All the questions in the listening section evaluate your listening ability to know how well you understand spoken English.
  • The questions involve multiple-choice questions, filling in the blanks, finding the missing word, dictation, etc.

You cannot remember everything in a day; therefore, you must regularly practice the PTE exam questions according to the pattern discussed above. It will help you in developing your English language skills better.

PTE General Exam Format

The PTE General exam aims to evaluate and reward students for their learning of the English language. The exam is curated to be taken by non-native English speakers and highlights their communication skills according to the practical environment. The authorities do not count the exam for immigration purposes.

The PTE General exam involves two different parts, namely, writing and speaking, to judge your writing, speaking, listening, and reading proficiency in English.

You must know about the different levels of skills that you require to complete your assessment. 6 levels are linked to the CEFR, i.e., the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

PTE Academic Online Exam Format

Some students find it inconvenient to visit PTE coaching centers, attend classes, and sit for exams. Therefore, the PTE Academic Online exam was introduced in which you can attend your PTE classes and give the exam in the comfort of your home or any place you are comfortable in.

The PTE academic online exam format is similar to the PTE academic. The only difference lies in the place you are giving the exam.

How to Master PTE Exam?

Avoid Using Slang:

Using slang to impress or for any other reason will not do any good; therefore, write your essay or give your speaking test in the academic language only.

Ensure the Correct Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar:

You get fewer marks for each mistake you make in the writing section. The best advice is to carefully review academic texts and practice them frequently. Ensure correct spelling and grammar.

Practice Writing Argumentative Essays:

An ideal way of learning essay writing is to write them regularly. You can refer to guides on academic paper writing provided by different universities. Practicing essay writing daily will make you better at it, along with your vocabulary.

Practice Writing Difficult Sentences:

The question where you have to summarize text will ask you to write in a short sentence. Therefore, learn and practice using words that extract the main idea of the provided text.

Write Within Word Limits:

The summary should involve words from 5 to 75 and essay writing of 300. Writing beyond the word limit will lead you to low grades. Therefore, practice writing within the word limit.

Why PTE?

Fast Results:

The PTE exam results come within 48 hours of the test. You can also book your test day or select from the list of test dates.

Complete Preparation:

Preparing for the exam has become more accessible, with different study plans, sample exam papers, free resources, etc. Using these sources for the preparation will help you boost your confidence in giving the actual exam with much ease.

Less Stress:

Unlike the chaotic way of giving exams, the PTE exam allows you to give the test comfortably in just 2 hours with an easy exam pattern and seamless test booking. Overall, it provides a better test experience than other exams.

How to Register For PTE?

You can register for the PTE online; however, students registering for the PTE exam 2023 must hold a valid identity, i.e., a valid Indian passport.

What Is the PTE Exam Fee?

The PTE Academic exam costs approximately INR 15,900. You might need to pay late fees if you book your PTE exam less than 48 hours before the actual date of PTE.


Go through the above-mentioned formats and ensure a successful PTE test.

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