Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy is one of those physiotherapies that help deal with multiple health problems. It also facilitates healthy bowel movement and helps in dealing with constipation too. We all know that constipation has become common digestion or stomach-related problem most people face. A constipated stomach can lead to several other health problems and can ruin your whole day.

We have several ways of treating constipation, depending on its root cause. If you or anyone in your family also deals with constipation, you must get it diagnosed. With proper diagnosis, you will know if the constipation is due to pelvic floor function or other reasons. If it is pelvic floor function, you must book a Kanata Physiotherapy session to get yourself treated.

Know how the pelvic floor is associated with constipation

We all know that irregular bowel movements can lead to constipation. The rectum is wrapped all around by one of the pelvic floor muscles, known as Puborectalis. It is one of the muscles that help open and close the anal canal.

Due to the contraction of this muscle, the stool stays inside as the rectum is pushed towards the pubic bone. Whereas, during the relaxation of this muscle, stool passes outside as the passage gets open.

That is why it is said that the movement of the pelvic muscles is also one of the causes of constipation. Whether your pelvic muscles are relaxing or tightening, both affect bowel movement. Due to this, one may also face pelvic organ prolapse or pelvic pain.

That is when pelvic floor physiotherapy comes in to help you overcome these problems, along with constipation. So go for physiotherapy in Orleans if you also suffer from constipation due to your dysfunctional pelvic muscles.

Use of Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy for Constipation

Above, we have explained how pelvic floor muscles help in stool excretion. But due to constant constipation, these muscles may not work in coordination. They may contract when they are required to relax and vice versa.

When you go for Physiotherapy in Orleans, the physiotherapists will do certain assessments to determine the functioning of your pelvic muscles. It will help in building coordination among the pelvic muscles and making them stronger and flexible.

The physiotherapists will help you know about the dietary changes that you are required to make. They will also help you learn about the toiletry posture required to facilitate smooth bowel movements.

The toiletry position also plays an important role in contracting and relaxing pelvic muscles around the rectum. To let your rectum open properly for smooth defecation, your puborectalis muscles must be lengthened. To do this, one must sit in a squat position so their hips can flex more. After taking the Kanata physiotherapy session, you will be able to understand this position in a better way.

Additionally, your physiotherapist will also help you know about some exercises that improve bowel movement. When your bowel movement is better, you will not feel constipated. Also, it will not cause pain in your pelvic muscles.

Get Yourself Free From Constipation Today

If you stay constipated and face pain around your pelvic muscles, see physiotherapists today. Remember, if you ignore constant constipation or symptoms of constipation, it will weaken your pelvic muscles. With proper pelvic floor physiotherapy and exercises, you can get free from constipation with ease.

By Anurag Rathod

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