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Storing your medicines near you while traveling on a plane or a helicopter is very important. Whether it is a private jet or a commercial flight that includes a layover, medicines should be in your pockets.

All over the world, the transportation security has very strict rules for the stuff that you can take with yourself and the things which you can’t. however, medicines are mentioned as an essential carry-on product that needs to remain packed within your bag packs.

Make sure that all you medications are packed and labeled correctly. Until and unless they are kept seal packed with the doctor’s prescription at the time of boarding, you won’t be facing any problem.

Let’s explore how to pack medicines while traveling through airways.

  • Medication List

Create a list of your medicines while moving from one country to another. Also, create a complete medication chart that has a notation of a correct dosage as well as the time. This list can help you in consuming medicine regularly while traveling to multiple countries.

  • Carry a copy of doctor’s prescription

Keep a duplicate copy of all the prescription written by your doctors, and keep those with your medikits. This is particularly essential when you have a liquid prescription that surpasses the 3-ounce rule set up by the many transportation securities around the world. Prescriptions will likewise clarify your auto-injector or syringes you travel with.

  • Documents required for injectable medicines

In many countries, disease control centers recommend passengers to carry a document from their doctors. A document that has an explanation about the injectable medicines and it’s effect on the human body. It is necessary to carry this document while moving from one country to another or else your medicine will be counted as a lethal drug.

  • Use original bottles for storing them

It is very important to keep medicines in their original casing. Or else, you will be getting confused at the time of consuming and will take the other medicine at the scheduled time.

  • Packaging

Wrap medicines in such a form that it stays cool in an insulated bag. Make sure you carry all your medicine in one small carry bag. During the long route flight, freeze pack can be a good option.

Use lightweight bag packs. Place all prescriptions in a clean plastic pack so security and flight authorities can perceive what you have. Keep this packs effectively available so you can carry out of your small luggage when you experience the security checkpoint.

  • Medication during Flight

If you have a flight at the time when you take your medicine, make sure carry sufficient amount of food and water with yourself. It is obvious that the airport authorities separate water bottles from your luggage at the checking point.

However, you can ask the official through showing them your medical documents so that they can allow you to carry a water bottle. Still if not, you can purchase it before your board.

Why is medication home delivery better?

Home delivery of medicines is quite convenient for patients. Patients don’t have to go far from their home now. No need to go to a chemist or medical shop to get any prescription medicine.

For making more convenient to the patients, chemists and medical shopkeepers are now switching to medicine home delivery app. Through this gomed clone app, their customer can easily connect to them and can get the required medicine to their doorsteps.

With the apps, medicine delivery is easy and effective. The customer can pay the amount easily through cash on delivery or other online payment options. Expand your business through gomed clone app and let you customer enjoy your medicine delivery service.

Make sure you deliver all the medicine carefully to the customer who places an order. Should pack it properly so that medicine may not get defected until it reaches the customer. Consider delivering quality products and expand your business with a loyal customer.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.