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The engagement and involvement of the audience are some of the important factors that decide the success of the event. The senses of the audiences are important to target as they will be developing their interests. For targeting and influencing every sense of your audience, you have to opt for various methods.

It is important for the event organizer and the host to think of ways and methods that how they can motivate the audience to take an interest in their events. Adding activities into your event plan that will make the senses of the audience active and alert will define the event engagement. These senses are the key contributors to help the brain understand the surroundings and make decisions on experienced elements and activities. For a better experience for the user, you need to stimulate the senses of the audience.

Keep scrolling down the article to get familiar with some pro tips for arranging and organizing a multisensory event for increased attendee engagement.

Top 6 Tips to Remember for Organizing Multisensory Events

Stimulation of the senses is one of the major elements for organizers that wish to improve user engagement and interest during the event. The more focused and preferred senses to attract in an event are the sense of sight and listening. While the three other senses are unexplored and neglected but they still contribute to enhanced audience engagement.

Following are the tips you need to follow for organizing a multisensory event.

1. Improve display and visuals

The first and most important thing that will attract your audience’s attention is what they see. The sense of sight is one of the most important senses to consider when organizing events. Making the visuals and designs attractive will automatically develop an interest in your attendees. Not everyone can be creative with designs and displays; it requires experience and skills. That is why most businesses hire events companies in Abu Dhabi to implement and execute events with creative designs and visuals.

2. Textured fabric and furniture

The sense of touch is also one of the senses contributing to audience engagement. But this sense is not that effective in comparison to other senses. For an improved sense of touch, you can use textured fabric on the coffee tables and the furniture. This adds more to the user’s comfort than the engagement, but the comfort of the audience is associated with the event engagement. There will be no engagement if your audiences are uncomfortable in their seats or even at the venue.

3. Catering services

Food is important when you are inviting your guests to attend the event consisting of hours. Do not send your audience back homes without caring for their appetite. Food is not only important these days to fulfill the appetite, but it is a way to engage. People love to photograph and upload pictures on their social media accounts which let the public know about your event. Such initiatives are a great way to encourage people to attend your events in the future, and you do not have to make any extra efforts to attract the audience.

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4. Avoid sensory overload

One important tip you must keep in mind while organizing a multisensory event is not to overload anything. Overloaded sensory simulations may backfire sometimes, and you may not get what you have aimed for. You need to be more careful while stimulating senses, especially for the sense of smell and taste. You must also not overload the sense of listening in your events by playing too loud music, making it difficult for the audience to communicate and engage.

5. Flowers and fragrances

The sense of smell has a great influence on your emotions and memories, and it is one of the important sources to engage the audience to your events emotionally. Even if you are not seeing, listening, or eating anything, you will still get emotions and feelings through this sense. There are several ways you can engage your audience through this sense which are as follows.

  • Place scented candles and flowers on tables
  • Invest in scent machines for a delightful environment
  • Watch out for bad odors and smelly carpets and furniture

6. Pay attention to audio

Sense of hearing is key for developing interest in your audience. It won’t be easy to engage the audience in your event if they cannot hear you. Before the event begins, you must ensure that the speakers and audio system are working properly so that the audiences have no issues connecting with you. Such technical arrangements require expertise and professionalism for the successful execution of the systems. You can acquire the professional help of events companies to arrange events along with technical implications effortlessly.

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Engage your attendees from every possible aspect!

There are different metrics for measuring the event’s success, but audience involvement and engagement during the event is one of the metrics. You need to make sure that you are opting for every method and way to maximize the engagement levels of your audience. So, make sure you know these methods and have a professional by your side to implement the essential elements increasing audience engagement.

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