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Top 5 Best On-demand Home Service Apps for iPhone

Top 5 Best On-demand Home Service Apps for iPhone

Nowadays, the new wave of on-demand service mobile apps for iOS and Android has transformed the way businesses deal with the way business proffer their services. The mobile applications have entirely changed and evolved beyond the mind, affording live conversations, chat, social media, and other socializing features to fill desired lifestyle goals.

These mobile apps help you to book local experts from the comfort of home or office. The home service apps are designed in a manner that these apps aim to target individuals who need faster and trouble free access to products and services. Normally when you need a plumber, you rush to your local shop and request the services. But not get the best services that you deserve. These apps are designed in such a manner that these offer complete convenience, excellence, and trust to search around for a trustworthy person. 

With the mounting requirement for on-demand services, it is easy to find local professionals for services such as plumber, dog sitter, Gardner, packaging, home education, beauty relocation, and spa and beauty services to attract new customers and make bigger the marketplace room.

The reason behind the on-demand home service apps popularity

One of the biggest explanations for the fame of these apps is its basic ability to make every customer happy. These apps offer cost-effective solutions that can be accomplished by expert professionals in the city by on-time services. These on-demand apps can be used by anyone during the workweek time or during the weekend. With time, these apps have filled a gap that formerly needs huge payments to link. The main reason behind the popularity of this business is due to the increase in the usability of the mobile sector, which finally allows consumers to acquire information and Book home services with just a few clicks as per their proffered time slot.

Hopefully, with this above discussion, you got clear about the on demand home service apps. Now it is time to deep dive into some of the best on-demand iOS apps that you can use right away.


This app needs no introduction when it comes to on-demand marketplace service. With this app, you can invest in originality to make money and add to their experience. This on-demand app helps you to showcase your tech, writing, editing, photography, and or translation skills to businesses looking for services and much more.


  • Creates inter-global business
  • Great searching capability
  • Find out fresh talents 
  • Accessibility of push notifications
  • 24×7 communication option


Now you can find local professionals for laundry. It is easy to make your hard, and lengthy job of washing your clothes less hectic and cost-effective. To make your laundry work less hassle-free so that you can enjoy your time with friends and family Rinse is an on-demand service app that makes the scheduling simple. The facility is available throughout the week and allows you to choose the date and time for a pickup.


  • First-class guaranteed cleaning
  • Door-to-door pickup 
  • On-time delivery
  • Customized solutions 
  • Online payment

Handiman app

It is one of the leading platforms that offer all types of home services that help users to discover local best professional services close-by locations. The key feature of the app is to make available accomplished service providers to connect with their potential audience to accomplish various tasks. The app offers cost-effective home maintenance, gardener, and local tradesman services. Handiman is a one-stop solution that connects you with the right service provider.


  • Various Categories of Services
  • Several payment options
  • Rewards 
  • Referral Insta Gifts 
  • Diverse search filter
  • User-friendly UI
  • Multiple languages


When it comes to On-demand service apps, then it is not only limited to food and restaurant and taxi applications. It is a broad section that covers various categories to serve many daily-life points. This Soothe app is intended to relieve your strain with an on-demand massage service.


  • Customized Spa services
  • Experienced and accomplished massage therapists
  • 24X7 customer assistance 


It is noteworthy on the demand service app that helps you with all the household services like furniture, cleaning, maintenance, and repair. It is the best app to book local experts who are experienced enough to provide you with services that suit your needs. The cashless payment feature of TaskRabbit makes sure that all services are of superior excellence and along with the highest safety.


  • Experienced professionals 
  • Check the calendar to-do-list to finish the task 
  • Digital payment 
  • High-quality service 


To conclude the above section, we can say that there several companies that have finally entered the online on-demand home services sector. These applications are gaining huge recognition because these apps have verified professionals that can fix your regular home-related chores. It is easy to book local experts from these apps in just a few clicks. These apps offer dog sitter to beauty, from repairing to Gardner assist you in almost all the home services. On-demand home services cover up all the online marketplaces that provide suitable admittance to a diversity of home services. These platforms are attaining fame due to their ease of use, flexibility, on-time booking services, and payment options.

Author bio: I am Anshul Sharma, CEO of BrandBurp, and a digital marketing Company. He keeps himself indulged in discovering new things and with passion, and the vast information attained by him has helped the company to grow at a faster speed. He generally writes blogs on various mobile technologies, app development, and digital marketing topics.

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