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Flight tickets probably make up for the biggest upfront costs of any trip. Whether you are traveling alone or have planned a vacation with your family, flight costs can have a major influence on your overall vacation. This is one of the biggest reasons for the influx of flight booking apps that help travelers to secure the best flights deals at affordable prices. 

Flight booking mobile apps have certainly increased the convenience of booking flights from the comfort of our homes without having to visit a travel agent. However, the availability of numerous apps makes it confusing for travelers to select the best apps that offer the best flight deals. People waste a lot of time in trying to find the most reliable app that offers transparent pricing and saves time and money. 

Therefore, if you are going ro travel soon, you can consider these 5 best apps to book your air tickets at affordable prices. These apps will save your time and will also offer the best deals to save money on flight booking. Moreover, I recommend for best app developers Melbourne if you are looking for your own app

Top 5 flight booking apps for booking flights at affordable prices

The best 5 flight booking apps mentioned below not only offer the best deals on flights but also make flight search and booking much easier.


The app that covers all your travel needs, Skyscanner is available for free download by iOS and Android users as well as a Website. The app offers the most reliable and easy-to-use flight search tool which finds the best deals on the web. The app offers search filters such as flight duration, layovers, times, and airlines, which makes it easy to find the preferred flight. When you click on any result to make a booking, the app redirects you to external sites to complete the booking.

Why travelers love this flight booking app is because it enables them to use charts and calendar to compare different international and domestic flights. Skyscanner offers a search option that helps travelers to find the cheapest prices for flights operating from their departure airport. It also allows users to mix and match flights from different airlines and highlights less carbon dioxide emitting flights. 

The best two features of the app are the price chart that displays daily flight fares on an interactive monthly bar chart which makes it easy to find the cheapest date to book your flight. The other feature is called Explore which displays the cheapest place to fly to for a particular date or a broad time period.


One of the best apps to book the cheapest, best, and quickest flights is Momondo. Its attractive colors, design, and easy functionality with effective search function appeals to the users. The app categorizes its search results into lists of best, cheapest, and quickest flights and displays these results in individual tabs at the top. While the cheapest and quickest flight search results are evident from the name, the best flight search results offer flights with a combination of convenient timings and good prices.

The app also provides an interactive map that displays flight fares from your departure location to numerous destinations. For travelers who don’t have a specific destination in mind, the Anywhere Search feature lets them view the flight prices for various destinations. Momondo also offers a price guarantee to users and refunds them the price difference if the users happen to find a better deal within 24 hours of booking.


Another app that helps you find the cheapest flights is Kiwi, as it searches each leg of your journey individually. Kiwi claims that it can help travelers save up to 90% on flight fares. The app searches prices of over 700 airlines to find the lowest-priced itinerary. Users can also search for all flight deals from a particular airport if they don’t have fixed destination and are ready to vacation anywhere. 

Usually, while there are benefits of booking the cheapest flights, there’s always a risk with such apps. To get you the cheapest flights, the app can suggest flight from different airlines which requires travelers to check-in theri bags twice and have separate boarding passes. Moreover, if you happen to miss your connecting flight due to delays or cancellations, you might lose your flight security as well. However, Kiwi offers a Guarantee to replace connecting flights for free in such cases and also offers compensation in terms of hotels and food.


Skiplagged has gained popularity owing to its unique yet controversial feature named Hidden City. The app helps users find the cheapest flights by tuning the arrival city into a layover city. For instance, if you want to travel from LA to New Orleans, the app may find a flight from LA to Atlanta with a layover in New Orleans for a much cheaper price. This may sound illegal, however, the app ensures that the trip is legal. But of course, the downside is that you will not be able to check-in any luggage as you can only get your luggage at the arrival city. Moreover, it is also advised to not use your frequent flyer number as some airlines might penalize you.

The app looks for loopholes in airfar pricing to help travelers save hundreds of dollars in booking flights. The app also lets you set alerts for flight deals and cutomize the search to sow relevant destinations and flights as per your interest.


A factor that majorly influences the price of flight tickets is the time when you book the flight. Hopper tells you the best time to book your air tickets at affordable prices. The app analyzes flight data and predicts the time when the flight prices will be the lowest. Users can also view the cheapest and most expensive flights on a color calendar implying green for the cheapest flight and red for the most expensive ones.

 Hopper enables users to set up price alerts and book the cheapest flights through the app. The app claims to have an accuracy of 95% up to a year and helps travelers save an average of $50 on each flight. Hopper is one of the 5 best apps to book your air tickets at affordable prices if you are flexible with your trip dates.


With these 5 best flight booking apps you can book the cheapest flights without spending long hours in checking different websites on the web for the best flight deals. These apps offer the best price and convenient routes, so you can focus on planning the other aspects of your vacation. For an improved travel experience, consider these 5 apps when planning your travel as some of these apps also let you book hotels and cabs

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