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It almost feels magical to be able to dream of anything that we want to eat and get it delivered right to our doorstep! Honestly, it is debatable if a fairy Godmother could do a job as good as most on demand food delivery platforms like the UberEats Clone today. This is perhaps more and more people are becoming dependent on food delivery solutions even for their daily requirements. As the demand goes up, many smart entrepreneurs have been able to find a good business niche for themselves. 

How does a food delivery app work?

A lot of people have had a little difficulty in understanding the exact business model of the Food delivery world. So, before we get in to explaining how you can start your own business, let us briefly discuss the nuances of the business model and how people typically make money from it. 

A food delivery app is essentially a platform that enables people to offer their restaurant’s cuisines to a larger audience. Let us take the example of a fair. When there is a fair in a town, people like to put up stalls and shops with big banners, so that the people visiting the fair can order their favorite food and these restaurants can grow their business.

Think of the internet as the fair and these food delivery apps as the stalls that are available for the internet users to tap into and order from. It is highly possible that people live in an area for years but don’t find out about a new restaurant around the corner because it doesn’t come on their route. 

An app eliminates “chance” and gives every restaurant within a particular radius of an area an equal opportunity to expose the customers to their own menu, specialties and prices. This makes it extremely convenient for the users as well as the restaurant owners. Users enjoy the variety that they get and the restaurant owners can enjoy profits. 

Now, each time anyone places and order using an application (food delivery app), the app owner gets to earn a sizeable commission. It is essentially a fee that restaurants pay for making their menus digitally accessible. 

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How to start your own food delivery app based business?

Regardless of how many restaurants there are in an area, there is always room for another one. This is because no matter what people compromise on, food is something everyone needs to survive. This is why; most on demand food delivery apps are thriving today. However, if you too are planning on getting rich with this business model, here are a few things that you need to take care of:

Get an UberEats Clone

We’ve already mentioned that there are many food delivery platforms available on the internet today. However, UberEats seems to be the most popular one. Since its interface is so seamless and intuitive, hundreds of thousands of people have found it easy to use the UberEats app.

Now, when you launch your own app, you don’t want your customers to completely unlearn what they know in order to learn how to use your app. It is always advisable to go for an app flow that people are already well versed with so that they don’t have to undertake a whole new learning curve.

Language Preferences

English might be considered a standard language across most countries around the world, but it is important to understand that if you are planning to start your on demand food delivery business in a region which is not so comfortable with English, you have to provide the app in the local language. 

When you purchase your own UberEats Clone app, make sure that you speak to the development team so that they can integrate your choice of language into the app.

Currency Preferences

Now, each country has a different currency. If you aren’t planning on launching your app in the United States of America, having an app that only has a dollar currency would not help. Make sure that you discuss everything about the region you are launching the app in, along with the currency preferences so that your development team can integrate it. This will prove to be extremely helpful for your customers as well as restaurants and even the delivery drivers. 

Bug Fixes

Your team may be perfect but every app needs a little love from time to time. Bug fixing is a very important aspect of purchasing and maintaining a mobile application. Make sure that you purchase an app from a white label on demand mobile app development company that offers bug support post purchase of the app so that you never have to run into any issues. 

Not So Technical Stuff

While getting the right application forms the crux of setting up a good on demand food delivery business, you have to understand your market and its demands before you start this journey. Please understand that a little research will go a long way in establishing exactly what is needed for the market. 

Look for a great design that echoes with the people, find a logo that resonates the ideas of “hunger”, “Tasty”, “Delicious” and so on and so forth. Make sure that you also create proper marketing campaign for your business. 

Marketing is the key through which you will be able to make people aware about your entre in the business. Having a successful prelaunch and post launch strategy can empower you to thrive in the business. 

Use the potential of social media to truly establish a direct line of communication with your consumers. You will be able to tell what they need and therefore deliver exactly what they want. 


The first and most important step to set up a profitable food delivery business is to identify and launch the right UberEats Clone app. While there are many on demand food delivery app in the market, ensuring that yours resembles the UberEats clone app will make sure that more people find it easy to use. Make sure that you only go for an app developed by a white label on demand mobile app Development Company so that you can get the app with your logo and brand name. Also, set aside a decent budget towards marketing your app based business. This will help you penetrate the market in the best possible way and allow you to grow the business quickly, profitably and effectively.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.