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Most of the time consumers spend on their smartphones is now spent on mobile applications. More and more companies want to invest in this niche, but this approach seems complex. Hiring a professional involves a high budget. Doing it alone requires a solid knowledge of development. The no code then appears as the perfect compromise. What is it about? And what are its advantages? We tell you everything you need to know. To maintain their competitive advantage, companies want to develop mobile applications or websites with minimal responsive design.

With traditional methods, developing a website or mobile application requires manual coding . This implies either having knowledge in development or hiring experts to carry out this mission. In any case, coding an application takes time and a considerable budget.

The work does not end here: it is then necessary to keep the application up to date (for example to ensure its compatibility with new versions of operating systems) and to ensure that it remains in line with consumer expectations. (Addition or optimization of functionalities).

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Today, things are different: no code allows you to develop a mobile application without having to enter code manually .

What is the no code?

It’s a type of code or a means to create websites or mobile applications. The mobile application takes the form of a blank page: you directly select the various modules and elements you want to add. So you don’t have to worry about the code. With this method, your application is built in a few clicks.

This innovative approach makes the acquisition of a mavendigital App Development UAE accessible to all. Even if you don’t have any specific computer skills, you can get a powerful, ergonomic and aesthetic application that will give full satisfaction to its users. There is also another possibility that can be considered: low code. This method is more for people who know how to code, but who are looking for a tool to accelerate and facilitate the development of a mobile application. 

There are many advantages of low code for developers:

Time saving;

Productivity gain;

Easy addition of new features.

The no code allows everyone to create an application 

The advantages of no code to create a mobile application:

The no code is very popular because of its many advantages. Here are the 18 most important assets to remember.

Immediate visualization of the rendering

You choose the different elements you need to design your application, and then you place and associate them with each other. You immediately see the effects. If you are not satisfied, all you have to do is move, delete or add modules, until you achieve the desired result. It is not necessary to modify lines of code, then to compile: the result is immediately visible.

Ease of use

This is one of the major advantages of no code. Even without special technical skills, it is possible to code an Android or IOS application easily. The platforms offering the development of no code mobile applications are aimed precisely at an audience that does not know, or does not wish, to code applications and devote many months to it. The environment is thus user-friendly for a simple and intuitive handling.

Extensive customization for a truly personalized mobile app

The platforms dedicated to the development of no code mobile applications offer a wide choice of functionalities. This allows companies to create a personalized product adapted to their expectations.

A system designed for mobile

An application generated using a no code platform is sometimes a direct extension of the company’s website. The applications created through this system are designed for end users. The ergonomics and functionalities meet the needs of mobile users, their expectations with regard to fluidity, navigation, mobile performance … these are all essential criteria for the success of a mobile application, and which usually require a large number of testing and brainstorming before finding the ideal version.

An adaptable system

No code applications are designed to provide great flexibility for businesses. For example, it is possible to start from an already existing mobile application and add new features to it via the no code.


To develop a mobile application, it is essential to make choices. It is difficult to make an informed decision when the application is still only a vague project whose final result must be tried to visualize. However, it seems necessary to decide this before starting the development.

Changing your mind on a feature, for example, involves going back to correct and start over, sometimes with other related elements that need to be rethought. This translates into the use of additional resources in time and money. With a no-code platform, you just need to drag and drop the features to determine their relevance. You test as many combinations as you want with just a few mouse clicks.

Connectors and infrastructure

It is possible to connect third-party systems used by the company to a no-code platform. Here again, there is no need to code or to have advanced technical skills, everything is easily and quickly configurable.

Increased productivity

The development of an application spans months, even years. With a no-code platform, this process takes at most a few weeks. It is therefore a real gain in productivity.

Democratization of application development

A mobile application is an asset for the development of a business, whether large or small. Usually this requires a very large financial budget and technical skills. But how do you code a mobile application when you only have a very limited envelope or have no knowledge in this area? With the no code, all companies, even small ones, can design their mobile application easily and quickly, with modest means.

Simplified development process

The development processes are facilitated, since it suffices to drag and drop existing functionalities. Depending on the platform chosen, it is also possible that the maintenance and updates of the application are included in the service.

Cost reduction

Another major advantage of no code is the low cost of the application, compared to expensive traditional methods. There is no need to hire a team of developers who will work for months on the website development Auckland of the application, and who will have to be compensated according to this time and their expertise. The no code thus makes it possible to design a mobile application at an advantageous price.

Shadow IT removal

A company’s IT system follows its own logic, sometimes to the detriment of security rules and policies. With a no-code platform, your employees can let their creativity run free without risk. Low code simplifies the work of your developers

Reduction of IT backlog

This advantage is especially interesting in low code logic. Since all or part of the tasks of the developers are facilitated and accelerated, they gain in productivity and can devote the time thus saved to concentrate on other missions.

Encouragement of initiative

Developing a no-code application allows you to test different ideas in just a few clicks, without any additional development phase or additional cost. So there is no limit. It is a change of paradigm, an opening to more creativity where each employee can become a force of proposal.


The no code platforms provide you with the latest technological innovations, such as artificial intelligence or image recognition. You can thus create an innovative mobile application.

By Anurag Rathod

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