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Do you even need a Mobile Application?

It was estimated in a survey that 82% of all buyers are likely to check an item online on their smartphone before they purchase it in the store. This number is predicted to grow as the number of mobile users rises steeply and ease of access is increased. This is a clear indicator that the incorporation of mobile phones into our daily lives has changed the landscape for consumer behavior. 

Another statistic showed that 86% of all the time spent on mobile phones is devoted to mobile application use. Both these statistics when out together clearly show that the only way to stay on top of the cutthroat competition is to take a page out of Link Fire SEO‘s playbook and get digital!

While you may argue that your business is already online, what you need to have, to ensure that tour business stands out in the market, is to have a mobile application. While it has some obvious benefits for both customers and business owners, some advantages to this are lesser-known. But, without a doubt, the people who can tap into this development for maximum output are marketers. 

Mobile Application development for marketers:

The need for mobile applications is one that traverses the globe and industries. At this point, it is nearly inevitable for businesses, small or big, to have an application. While most big brands already have taken up on this trend, smaller businesses are lagging. But this negligence of other small businesses gives you a tremendous opportunity to get ahead in the race, and here is how you, as a marketer, can benefit from them:

Stay in the spotlight:

Having a mobile application means that you are at the customers’ fingertips. They see you whenever they unlock their phone and get notifications from you which ensure that they don’t forget about the amazing services you render or the goods you want to provide them with. Looking at how much time people spend on mobile applications all day, it seems to be the fastest and most surefire way to stay in both the loop and the public eye. 

Create a direct marketing channel:

Having an application puts you in direct contact with the customers. Sure there are other ways to achieve that, but an application allows you to interact with them. You can send them detailed information about sales, promotions, and anything else you would want them to know. Applications also allow you to send push notifications to remind customers about your products and services whenever deemed necessary. 


Websites don’t have the features needed to give consumers a customized experience based on their preferences. Even if they do, the extent to which they can be personalized is very limited due to the colossal amount of traffic they get. 

Mobile applications, on the other hand, are specific to each user that uses them. This means that every customer can now be shown exactly what they want to see and sent only the information they want to receive. Thus increasing customer value and satisfaction. 

Quick service: 

Speed is of dire importance to the generation of today, who somehow seem to always be in a hurry. Therefore, it goes without saying that if they don’t receive instant and speedy customer service, they will lose interest and give up on the purchase altogether.

Mobile applications are faster than websites phone calls. They can load instantly and there is no need for customers to be put on hold or anything of the sort. This is one major reason that the masses have gravitated towards applications and this is also the way to make them gravitate towards your business. 


Mobile applications aren’t just useful for users, they’re indispensable for business owners too. You now have the feedback of a hundred, maybe even a thousand users at your disposal. This data can be used to map out plans of action, decide what products are popular, and get insight into how the end customer thinks and what they might want to see in the future. 

Utilizing this information in the right way will ensure that your sales will improve significantly and customer satisfaction will skyrocket.

Hence, whether you are a small business or a big one, but especially if you’re small, you need to launch a mobile application if you wish to stay on top of the game. Websites and emails no longer suffice as customers seek something more cutting-edge and convenient for them. and What could be more convenient than something they could use right out of the palm of their hand, in the form of what they most enjoy using; a mobile application.

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