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Businesses across the world are becoming digital. Even the startups are focusing on digital presence. Mobile apps and websites both are top ways to make your business digital. However, the big question here is choosing between a website and a mobile app. 

Both mobile apps and websites have their benefits and features. Apps and websites enable you to reach your customers, increase growth, and improve customer’s reach. No one can deny that mobile apps are the latest digital medium and spreading its range more quickly worldwide. Doesn’t it mean that websites are dead? 

However, the decision is yours, as the selection between them depends on your business niche and project requirements. Before, making the selection, people also find out the solutions for the queries like how much it cost to develop an app, finding the best developers, etc. 

There are different pros and cons involved in both. It must be a wise decision while choosing the right platform for you. Additionally, you should look at the value of having a mobile-friendly website and an app.

This guide will help you find the best answer for Mobile App Vs Website to build first for your Business.

Product Line

First, analyze your product line. Does your product incorporate any navigation or GP facility like Ola or Uber? Such businesses first go with a mobile app instead of a website. Like taxi service, food delivery service providers also prefer to use mobile apps. It is completely a requirement-based selection. We can assume that people almost choose mobile apps instead of websites for rapid services. 

Any business’s success depends on how you understand your customer’s behaviour and needs. It is the first step when you decide to capture the market. Therefore, if your customer needs hourly or daily services, go with a mobile app.

What is your budget?

One of the first questions that trigger every business owner’s mind while going for an app or website development is the cost. It depends on your needs, budget and the developers you choose. 

Many web and app development companies offer low-budget services; however, before choosing them, you must do their background check first. Especially for low-budget startups, they need to know the cost to develop a website or an app. 

Do cross check in deep and connect with the right developers according to your budget and project requirements. You must be clear about your needs and budget. Connect with professional developers to maintain the cost to develop a website and an app.


Most of the websites and apps failed due to hectic user interface and rigid navigation. User interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) plays a vital role in your digital success. The mobile apps and websites must have an easy to use and interactive user interface and easy navigation. You must focus on providing an intuitive user experience as well. 

For example, for game development, a mobile app is a better option than a website. In contrast, a responsive website resolves many usability issues faced by users. Therefore, the thing comes again to your needs.

Highly customized user experience always starts with dedicated hardware such as tablets and smartphones. On the other hand, we know that HTML5 helps developers create unique experiences. An app can track user behaviour or easily customize the user experience using multiple features like push notifications and geolocation, whereas a website can’t.

Push notifications help you notify the customers instantly about the new updates. It saves time and helps them not to come back to your website or check their email.


It is one more vital element to consider while choosing between a mobile app and a website. Your app must be accessible on all devices irrespective of screen size. It is essential to develop apps that are accessible on all mobile operating system such as iOS, Android and Windows. 

In contrast, the website must be compatible with all browsers and responsive to provide full accessibility. Either it is a website or a mobile app, it must be easily accessible and user-friendly; otherwise, it can depress the users. 

So, check which can help you better for your business profits and growth. A mobile app offers location services, phone contacts, camera, and other features; however, there is no need to install it to access a website.


No doubt that developing a mobile app is more expensive than a website. Mobile apps are also device and software dependent, so you need to invest more to access all mobile users. 

On the other hand, websites have no restrictions. A website can be easily accessed and visible to the users from their mobile phones, tablets and PCs. Additionally; it is typical to make mobile changes than a website. 

Solving the issues and making the app accessible takes more time, efforts and budget. Therefore, it is easy to say that if you have a budget issue, start with a website rather than an app. 

Final Words

Finally, the selection between a mobile and website development depends on the factors stated above. For startups choosing a website is a better choice than a mobile app. However, before making any decision, you have to analyze your requirements and customers. 

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