5 Best Paid Apps for Streaming Anime Online

I think we all can agree on one thing that it is way more convenient to stream anime shows and movies on a smartphone device rather then on a laptop or PC. It gives you the freedom of movement and access to the anime content anywhere and anytime on the palm of your hands.

Things brings us to the main question. Which app to use for the streaming purposes? There are literally hundreds of options to choose from and one might face issues if an app is chosen randomly.

Here we will take you through some of the top paid anime streaming applications that are being used by anime geeks all over the world. Make sure to read through each one of them to get a clear idea on which one to choose.

Why you should Prefer Paid apps over Free ones??

Though it is more tempting to just go for a free app to stream the content of your choice, but it comes with many complications and hidden risks. The security of free apps is mediocre, the content is often outdated and layout poor. 

All these things can drastically reduce the quality of your online anime watching experience. So, we urge you to go with the paid apps for better results.


This app is the top priority of anime watchers all over the globe. Mainly because of its quick and interactive user interface. You can browse through the app with great ease and effectively find the content of your choice in no time thanks to this application’s efficient algorithm. 

The content of this platform is of the highest quality. You can literally find thousands of shows and anime content on this single app.


For any anime lover, quantity of shows and variety of genres is of most importance. Well with Kitsu you don’t every have to worry about running out of your favourite genre related shows at all. The content of this platform is updated often which makes it possible for you to keep yourself updated with recent trends in the anime and manga world.

Kitsu also offers descriptions of each anime with its title so that you can see beforehand what you are getting yourself into.


If you are new to anime and want a simple but effective platform to stream interesting anime shows and movies them Hidive is the best way for you to go. This app is highly beginner friendly. It hosts all the mainstream anime shows in a very high video quality.

Just like Kissanime Hidive comes with many quick search features. These include filter search, autocompletion etc. You can enjoy the best UI and many other features relating to anime streaming on this single platform.


I don’t think there is any need to describe to anyone what Netflix is and what it offers. There are millions of shows and movies from around the world on this platform and anime is not an exception. Recently Netflix has been giving special attention to the anime community and their needs. All the content on this app is of very high quality. The best thing is there are virtually no security risks associated with using this app.

Netflix is one of the most used and trusted apps for anime lovers and we suggest you give it a go.


This app is another cool platform for fulfilling your anime needs. The sleek UI makes this app highly desirable. The layout is highly interactive and efficient. Amino provides an online community to its users where they can mingle with each other and share or receive anime suggestions from other anime watchers.

This app has a huge anime library covering every possible genre out there.

Pick this app to stream your anime content because it can literally save up so much your time and energy with its effective user interface and streaming features.

Wrapping It Up

All the apps that have been discussed so far have received positive feedback and high praise from anime geeks around the globe. You can read their user reviews and see for yourself how much people are loving these anime applications.We hope the above information helps you in some way and makes it easier for you to decide which app to go with. For further information regarding such apps and other anime related content visit Plasticrypt. This blogging website contains valuable information about anime and many other interesting topics.