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How Should You Blog in 2019

How Should You Blog in 2019

Blogging has been around for over a decade now. And there is so much content on the web today. Should you or should you not blogging 2019? There are over a billion blogs on the web. Is it a good idea to start a blog in 2019?

blogging 2019

Before we get into the details of if blogging is a good idea in 2019, it is important to first know how to make your blog work. There are a lot of blogging techniques out there. But if you want to make your blog survive in 2019,

Here is what you should do:

Quality over Quantity

This has been the first rule of blogging ever since it started. However, it is important to emphasize quality over quantity today more than ever before. You might ask “why?” Really, ask yourself, with so many blogs on the web, do you think your blog has a chance to rank unless it is fabulous?

Quality articles can be written if and only you are an expert writer. Let’s say you have a blog but can’t write a single word. What’s the point then having a blog? No doubt, technology has changed multiple aspects of writing. For example, paraphrasing tool is used to paraphrase already written quality blogs and grammar checker can check all grammatical errors like, punctuation, spellings, and sentence structure. Similarly, plagiarism checker will make sure that the paraphrased content is plagiarized or not.

Aspects of Quality

There are two aspects of quality:

The first is the structural aspect. You want to make sure that blog has been structured in a way that it is easy to comprehend for the readers. Today, you need to make sure that your blog is capable of skimming. Studies show that a lot of people first go to the bottom of a blog post to read the conclusion before reading the whole blog post. You need to sell your blog to these people. Write a great conclusion. Also, title it conclusion. Don’t use any other fancy word for it. Conclusion is good enough. You need to make sure that you are grabbing your audience’s attention in the first instance. As your readers are reading through your introduction, you need to make sure that you tell them what is coming next in the blog. Without it, you won’t be able to grab attention. As for the body of the blog, you need to divide it in subheadings. What it will do is to help you in making sure that your content quality is top notch in terms of the structure.

Then comes the technical SEO aspects. You don’t just need to create content that is well- structured but also content that communicates well with search engines. How do you do that? Make sure that you are linking out to other people. If you are citing any sources in your blog, you will need to add links. Likewise, optimize your content for keyword density. You need to focus on your titles. Absolutely make sure that the met descriptions of your blogs are catchy.

Consider following points when writing a blog:

What are you sharing in your blog? Does it add value for the readers? Do you think your content can solve problems? Make sure you do extensive research on the topic before you start writing your content. Focus on content that is unique. Today, there is so much content out there that there is one blog post for every 7 people in the world. That is too many blog posts. Your content needs to offer unique ideas. It is better to create one great blog post per week than to create 3 blog posts that only share the same information that is out there on the web.

Be Responsive

With a blog, you are essentially building a community. Suppose that your blog is about photography. People who are coming to your blog posts are people who take interest in the subject. That is a community right there. What you need to make sure is that your blog has a comments section. This allows people to leave comments and ask questions that they have related to the blog. Not only should you respond to these comments but a comments section allows for other people in the audience to reply to the comments. We can’t emphasize this enough. Responding to comments is super important today.

Imagine that you see a friend and say hello. They walk past you without any response. How would you feel? That did be very rude, right? Same goes for comments. Remember that it is much easier to like a blog than to leave a comment. If someone is putting in the effort of starting a conversation, don’t let this chance slide. Another cool trick that you can use to continue the conversation is to reply and then leave another question in the comments.

We understand that it can be difficult to respond to every single comment especially if you have a huge audience. Don’t worry. Select a time of the day to go through the comments and try to respond at least 5. Another way to encourage comments on your blog is to end your blog post with a question.

Encourage conversations

If you have a blog, you also need to encourage conversations. This is why we recommend that you have a comments section. A blog is a public community space. Another great way to initiate conversations is to make your blogs conversational. Write in a way that speaks to your audience. Connect with them. Use words like I and You.

Build an email list

A lot of people assume that email marketing is outdated. But that only a lie. It all comes down to the type of business you own. With a blog, emails are super important. What you need to do is to create an email list of your visitors. Email marketing will drive you a ton of traffic. Every time you publish a new blog post, send out an email.

Does blogging work in 2019?

Well, the answer is yes. It does. It has only changed. Blogging works in 2019 but it does not work the same way as it did in 2009. Today, you need to put more effort than ever into creating blog posts. You need to create unique and compelling content to make your blog survive on the web.

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