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Become a WordPress expert? Learn these 5 methods in 2021

Become a WordPress expert? Learn these 5 methods in 2021

Do you want to forge a career as a WordPress developer or want to get hired a dedicated WordPress expert? If yes then this blog is written for you. WordPress is no doubt one of the most widespread open-source and free content management systems online. All over the web, there are millions of web pages that use WordPress as a blogging platform. The reason is open-source content management. That’s why people having basic internet skills can use this platform to build and create websites.

According to the report of W3Techs, WordPress powers around 37.8%of all the websites on the internet. Apart from that, if you narrow down the websites and build a CMS solution, this market will share around 66% of the internet.

Overall, you can say it is an incredibly user-friendly system that only needs customization, software development, and computer programming skills. 

What is a WordPress developer?

A WordPress developer is a professional who is an expert in the infrastructure and ecosystem of this platform. However, they focus on improving the WordPress software on their own and also try to create new products in the form of plugins and themes. Moreover, they also work with various clients to help them customize and manage the WordPress website. 

Types of WordPress developers: –

Well, the field of WordPress is quite large as they have to manage various things on the site. So, let’s discuss three types of WordPress developers: –

  • Core developer- Works on core software of the WordPress site.
  • Theme developer- Creating WordPress templates is the main work of a Website developer. 
  • Plugin developer- Creating WordPress plugins created by WordPress developers.

How long does it take to learn WordPress?

If you are running out of time and want to become a WordPress developer, it is the right platform to become an expert. The reason is WordPress is one of the easiest sites to learn and begin your career. However, if you have enough time, you can apply various tricks to make your page more compelling. 

Moreover, there are a number of WordPress courses available on the internet which reputed institutes offer. 

What does a WordPress developer do or hire a dedicated WordPress expert??

A WordPress developer is responsible for various back-end and front-end development of the WordPress sites. Apart from that, these developers are also hired to build sitemaps or wireframes for potential sites and redesign the site to optimize its SEO and conversion rate. 

Moreover, they will also work with other clients on their WordPress sites. 

How to become a WordPress developer?

Well, there are several ways by which you can acquire extensive WordPress knowledge. But to become an expert, you have to acquire some skills that will help you be successful. It is true that WordPress nearly occupies around 80 million websites, and this number is surging with time. That’s why website owners are searching for the best WordPress developers. 

So, let’s discuss the steps by which you can become a WordPress developer. 

Learn everything about a WordPress 

Well, there are a number of WordPress courses available which you can take online to attain the knowledge of WordPress. These courses will help the individual in learning how to upload and customize themes and plugins. Apart from that, you will also learn types of plugins and how different parts of WordPress work together to generate traffic.

First, understand the skills you need

The journey to becoming the WordPress developer starts from learning the basics, and after that, the ability to grasp the content management site is limitless. That means to become a successful developer, and you have to learn various things like CSS, MYSQL, HTML, and many more. 

If you know any of these languages, it is sufficient and very useful for the future and in learning WordPress.

Learn about the technical underpinnings of WordPress

The key to success is knowing and understanding the themes and plugins of WordPress is knowing how they are created, which means little about code. We are not saying you have to learn deeply about coding. Rather, you have to learn the basics of the language that is used to invent WordPress. The reason is it will help you in troubleshooting, advanced customization, and not the least fielding questions.

Become familiar with WordPress Hosting options

Hosting is another essential component that keeps the site running. So, for this, you have to know the following aspects of hosting: the different types of hosting available, the various companies that are most popular in offering hosting, etc. 

So, if you know all these things about hosting, it becomes easy for you to select the perfect hosting plan for the site and helps in troubleshooting server-related errors that may affect the site’s performance. In addition to that, you can talk to the technical support team smartly about your hosting plan.

Create an environment for plugin development

Practice makes a man perfect. Once you are over with learning themes and plugins, you can easily test and troubleshoot various site issues to make it successful. The reason is, if you work on a live website, it may offer bad results, so for excellent performance, it is recommended to test in a more managed environment to avoid various problems. 

Additionally, if you want to take experience in developing a site live, then don’t plan to take the web hosting plan as it will cost you more. 

Connect with WordPress community

If you want to be successful as a developer, make sure you make connections with other WordPress users. There are indeed millions of WordPress sites, so millions of people are running these websites. 

By making connections, you can easily get support on development on projects as well as you can also create a forum for WordPress for the latest trends and networking opportunities.

Build a portfolio

When any of the individuals look for any job or get hired as a dedicated WordPress expert, they have to offer evidence of the skills and competencies to the employer. Well, this is true for any virtual career, but especially, it is true for a WordPress developer. So, to get hired by a reputed company, you have to show your portfolio, which will improve the chances of being hired as a full-time employee or a freelancer.

Choose your focus area.

WordPress developers have three main choices that are core software, themes, and plugins. There are chances you can work with all three, but you have to be an expert in one area. So, to become a successful WordPress expert, focus on anyone, and you will see your success graph where it will go within a few days.

However, other areas are also in the WordPress sites like APIs, which are becoming popular these days. But the core of WordPress is these three areas.

The bottom line

If you are looking forward to becoming a WordPress expert, it is quite a lucrative option and full of fun choices. But the thing is, you have to invest your precious time and effort to become a successful developer. That means you have to learn software development, computer programming skills, languages, themes, plugins, etc. 

Well, WordPress is indeed the user-friendly content management system that needs expert WordPress developers. I hope you liked this blog on WordPress expert. 

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