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The feeling you get when walking into your home at the end of the day is one of comfort and coziness. Unfortunately, the home décor may come in the way of a relaxed feeling. Most people feel that home decoration is always expensive but the truth is that you may collate some of the best ideas of decorating your home within a budget. 

If you are planning to create a wonderful decoration within a low budget, here is how you can manage the things and wind up the process quickly. 

  1. De-cluttering the home and rearranging the furniture

The worst thing you can do is not remove the clutter from your home and after years, it turns into a mess.  When you have a lot of belonging at home and you have the habit of picking hem décor stuff whenever you visit the store, try to get rid of the old as soon as you can and do everything you can to make your home look clean.

A simple move, such as rearranging the furniture can refresh the existing home décor and create a lot of space.  You can position the same furniture differently and create a new look without spending any money at all. Using the old skylight shades for the windows or decorating the other parts of your home may add a fresh touch

  1. Painting and changing the throw pillows and towels

No one can deny that a dash of color changes the way your home looks and it is not damn expensive. Moreover, you can replace the paint in specific areas of your home based on the condition of the walls and leave those areas that are rarely used. However, when painting your home, try to avoid sticking to the previous shades and do it up with new colors in different tones. Whether to pick bold or neutral shades depends on the amount of natural light entering your home. 

  • Among the simplest home décor ideas is replacing the throw pillows as they go a long way in brightening your home.
  • The throw pillow covers are available indifferent shades and prints, so you can select the ones you prefer through a mix and match of colors and textures.
  • When decorating your home within a low budget, changing those dingy and old towels is essential and you can also change the towel hanger.
  • There are fancy designs of towel hangers that may create a luxurious feeling in the bathroom. 
  1. Changing the lamp shades and painting the door 

Tweaking the paint of the front door and using an appealing color creates a welcoming tone may help. Depending on the shade you select, painting the front door adds a refreshing touch to your home. Besides painting, you can decorate the front portion of your home with potted plants and nice looking doormat. Painting the front door is a low-budget work and you may use the existing plants in DIY pots to add a touch of elegance.

Changing the lampshades is another thing to consider within the least expensive budget. If you have creative skills, creating DIY lamp shades with home-based materials create a different charisma. However, the readymade lamp shades are available in the widest variety of shades and make the room look different. 

  1. Memory wall

Using wall art décor is one of the most important aspects of home decoration but that does not mean spending a huge amount for buying décor items. An excellent option is using family pictures. You can also use pictures of friends and other people of your circle to make the wall look classy. As far as the picture frames are concerned, using DIY methods to create picture frames is a good idea and you can avoid spending money unnecessarily for buying new ones. 

  1. Shopping from the right place

If you think that home décor items that the stores sell are expensive, take a few steps back and visit the flea markets. While you can get good deals here, some of the products are good for immediate use and others may require a fresh coat of paint. Besides, you can get excellent furniture from the antique stores at the best rates. 

  1. Using your own thing

Sometime home decoration does not require buying new stuff or décor items. While de-cluttering the home, you may discover plenty of materials that can be mixed and matched in various proportions to create décor items. You can pick the old skylight shades and use them as new for the windows. 

Using a few of these methods for home decoration lets you enjoy home decoration within an affordable budget. 

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.