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The printing industry is a big name nowadays as it has become an essential element for day-to-day operation in different businesses. 

Moreover, many printing devices with low-cost entry are coming into the market due to innovative techniques, attracting business owners. Same the case goes with a toner cartridge.

The toner is often considered the hidden cost in the printing process because the business owners don’t add it while buying the new digital printers. Instead, they come through with it when the cartridges have to be replaced with the new ones or refilled. Usually, it is suggested to use the OEM cartridges in the printing.

There are different types of toner cartridges that help you to control the entire printing cost. These include the refilled, remanufactured, and compatible cartridges. Naturally, most businessmen turn towards these low-cost printing processes, so let’s look at them.

Third-party manufacturers mostly make up the compatible cartridges. This type of manufacturing doesn’t come up with a warranty or guaranty. They offer less cost as compared to original equipment manufacturer cartridges. But they cost high than the other two types of low-cost toner cartridges.

The remanufactured cartridges are built up from the recycled cartridges that have been checked properly; if they have any worn parts, they will be replaced and refilled with printer ink. The worthy thing about them is that they come up mostly with warranty and guaranty and the price range is the same with a compatible cartridge.

We will discuss the low-cost toner cartridge option in detail in this article. The refilled toner cartridges are the used cartridges that have been filled with new toner. They also don’t come with a warranty and guaranty, but it is the most common option because it costs less than the other two options.

People or business owners mostly run towards the refilled toner cartridge by only relying on its low price, but they usually forget that it can cause major problems to you and your digital printer. However, there are various major problems with this cartridge, which will help you realize that it is not good to buy them.

Problem No 1:

The refilled toner cartridges are not durable. Some people think that if we use them with care, they will be used for a long time, but they don’t. No matter what you think or do, it is still an old cartridge. The only new thing they have put in it is the printer ink or toner.  

Generally, the toner cartridges are composed of a complex mixture of different components that vary from different brands. In addition, they are created for some specific period, and when their limit is exceeded, the risks of failure increase exponentially. 

So when we compared the refilled toner cartridge with the remanufactured cartridge, the winner is the remanufactured as they come with a warranty and are less prone to failure. In addition, the components used in it are properly checked and tested before refilling.

Problem No 2:

The print quality from a refilled toner cartridge can suffer badly as its quality varies. In comparison with remanufactured & compatible cartridges, the print quality of this is very less. It can also differ from document to document in quality.

The common problems that arise with this toner cartridge include fading, smudging, and streaking. Having a refilled toner cartridge can also cause wastage of time as you have to do the printing multiple times to get the accurate output.

That’s why no printer owner who keeps the quality check wants to use the refilled toner cartridge. So you cannot depend upon these refilled toner cartridges in terms of print quality, no matter which one you choose or whom you get these cartridges.

Problem No 3:

If you have a poor quality refilled toner cartridge in the printing process, it will also damage your digital printer. It is caused because the refilled toner cartridges are attached to the toner’s internal structure to work properly as a combo.

During the refilling of the cartridge, if the process is not completed with care, it will leak by coating the parts of your device. So whether the refilling is done with an injection or dismantling the cartridge, the real thing is the compromise and care.

Due to coating the inside components of the printer, it will start damaging the printer, and sometimes the process of damage can also be irreversible. So using the refilled toner cartridge is entirely a risk that can cost you high in an accident rather than choosing the lowest cost option for digital printing.

Problem No 4:

It is thought by professionals to use a refilled toner cartridge is just a financial gamble. However, as you know, most business owners use this option because of its low price compared to other options, and it is only a favor that a refilled toner cartridge can do to you.

Their low price feature makes you attract to this option, but its capability is almost zero. In research, it is usually only four chances out of ten about the effective working of the refilled toner cartridge. In addition, it has a massive failure rate in the printing process.

The printer ink used in the refilled cartridge has no warranty or guaranty, which can cause many problems that cost you high. You choose the option because it is cheap, but the problems it causes will make you spend twice the money on the recovery of failure it caused.

Problem No 5:

Using the refilled toner cartridge is dangerous for health and the environment. Yet, so commonly, it is augmented in favor of this cartridge that is better for the environment. The logic behind this is that these are made from the resources drawn from the environment.

The recycled cartridges are used, and only the printer ink is refilled in it, but some cartridges are not properly decomposed, which can cause damage to the environment. When the refilled toner cartridge does not work properly, then you have to buy the new one.

So if you are the one who has the idea in mind that by purchasing the refilled toner cartridge, you will save the environment, then you should revisit or re-qualify this thinking. So now you can say that it also causes damage to the health and earth too.

We have explained some major problems you can face once you start using the refilled toner cartridge in your printing process; if you think it’s a good option to choose, you have to read it thoroughly and make the decision again.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.