how to open BitLocker encrypted drive

BitLocker protected disks enjoy the security feature of the BitLocker program that is available on Windows devices. This encryption program is useful for protecting the data on the encrypted drive. BitLocker encrypted drives are visible on all Windows and Microsoft devices. However, Mac users do not have the same experience with BitLocker encrypted disk.

This article explains why Mac laptops do not recognize BitLocker encrypted drive, how to open BitLocker encrypted drive and the process requirements to access BitLocker encrypted drive.

BitLocker Program and Mac Laptops

BitLocker’s protection against unauthorized access is a top reason why professionals chose it for data security. It has a long history of guarding against nefarious attackers using an encryption file system on storage devices. BitLocker now provides encryption protection for full drives and other types of external storage devices.

The BitLocker security program uses the XTS-AES 128-bit encryption method to securely encrypt devices. This provides the security layer that devices need to protect against dangerous hackers. Importantly, the BitLocker loader software works well with Windows devices.

Mac users are yet to get the compatibility feature with the BitLocker program. This hinders many Mac users from recognizing a BitLocker encrypted drive. To gain access to an encrypted drive, Mac users have to use third-party software as a compatible channel with the encrypted drive.

M3 BitLocker loader software is a choice third party software that offers compatibility options to Mac Users. With M3 BitLocker software, Mac users can mount and access BitLocker protected disk natively on Mac.

How to Open BitLocker Encrypted Drive on Mac

For Mac users, accessing BitLocker protected disks is very possible using the M3 BitLocker Loader for Mac. Carefully following the steps below, you should be able to access your BitLocker protected disk from your Mac

  • Download the M3 BitLocker loader software on your Mac

One of the most important steps to mount and access your BitLocker encrypted disk is to download the M3 BitLocker loader software free from the internet. You can get the BitLocker software from m3bitlockerloader.pkg website. M3 BitLocker loader requires a macOS High Sierra 10.13 setup and later to function properly.

After downloading the installation file, navigate to the Downloads folder to begin the installation process. On locating the installation file, double click on the file and proceed to follow the installation wizard to complete the installation process. While installation is ongoing, allow all prompt requests for system extensions. 

  • Launch the M3 BitLocker loader software

On completing all requirements while installing this software, navigate to the Applications folder to launch the M3 BitLocker loader software. Here, you should see the M3 BitLocker loader interface containing information concerning any BitLocker encrypted disk.

Insert your BitLocker protected disk into your Mac and click on ‘Open’ when the information concerning the disk is available on the software interface. At this stage, you will have to select a mounter option to proceed. If you want to evaluate the disk first, you have to select the ‘File Manager’ option. Otherwise, select the ‘Volume mounter’ option instead. 

  • Unlock your BitLocker protected disk

The next step is to unlock your BitLocker encrypted disk. On selecting the mounter option that you wish to use, enter your encrypted disk’s password. In case you do not have the password, you have the option of entering the 48-digit recovery key to gain access to the encrypted disk. Click the ‘Unlock’ button to complete the mounting process for your BitLocker protected disk on your Mac.

On completing the mounting of your BitLocker encrypted disk, you can operate on your disk in read-write mode. You can also perform native operations like read, write, copy, delete, airdrop files with your BitLocker encrypted disk. You can also use the Finder and Disk Utility program on your BitLocker encrypted disk.

  • Lock and eject your BitLocker protected disk after use

Finally, it is important to re-engage the encryption feature after performing your read-write operation using M3 BitLocker loader software. To do this, click on the ‘Lock’ button on the software interface to lock your encrypted disk.

It is also important to eject your disk properly to avoid any damage to your disk. To do this, click on the ‘Eject’ button first before safely removing your disk from your Mac.

By Anurag Rathod

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