Luxury Pools

Having a luxury pool and spa service in your home can be relaxing and a dream therapy for all the daily stress. However, you must be aware of all the proceedings that go down when building this water therapy for yourself. Thus, when you decide to get a pool and spa service in your backyard, you must also make sure that all the protocols are being followed correctly. It will help you in the long run, as you would not have to face any legal issues in the future.

The 10 Step Guide for Luxury Pool & Spa

Here is a 10 step guide for building a luxury pool and spa in your home. It is easy to understand and will help you in your journey a lot: 

Constructing the Pool Shell 

The finishing of the floor level for your home indoor swimming pool is the first step always. Without a base, you can not build anything on top and expect to have durability. Once the exact magnitude and positioning requirements of your pool have been confirmed, your pool contractor will easily dig the feature space to prepare for your pool build.

Steel Cage & Shutter System 

To form four insulating walls for the pool walls and floor, a temporary shutter system is built in place. It is usually made out of plywood. The pool contractor will also make a steel cage based on structural design calculations, and it will be guarded by the shutter system.

Light & Fittings 

All the fittings are put in place into the steel cage prior to the concrete spraying can proceed. All specified fitting and light niches for the pool are carved in the steel cage. Such fittings usually include: 

  1. Pipe fitting 
  2. Vacuum fitting 
  3. Filtration system, etc.
  4. Concrete Spraying

This next step includes a complete re-check of all the pool construction drawings and dimensions. Once these have been done, the concrete spraying of the swimming pool shell is started. The purpose of this concrete is that it will form against the steel, which will reinforce the pool structure.


Your pool will take 2 to 5 weeks for completion, depending on the dimensions and design of your pool. Once the shell is finalized, your pool will be cured in 4 weeks for better durability. While the curing process is happening, the pool contractor installs the UPVC pipeline to the plant room.   

Waterproof Coating 

The next step involves waterproofing the shell. It is a very important step as it regulates all safety precautions and avoids any inevitable accidents. It also controls water ingress and makes a hard-wearing screen, which is great for enduring high water pressure and smoothly follows the contours and turns of your pool. 

Second Waterproof Coating 

Once the waterproofing solidifying process has cured, a second waterproof layer is applied in the form of world-leading Ardex S7 plus or Mapelastic. This layer is designed precisely for the waterproofing of indoor swimming pools.  After the application, the pool becomes watertight and safe for use. 


After the static water test is cleared, the pool shell is left to dry again. It is done before finishing with the final features and tiling. The pool contractors then tile your luxury pool based on your choice of tile from our extensive range of tile designs.

Installation Services 

During the construction of your pool shell, the primary phase of your heating and ventilation system also takes place. It is essential that air temperature and humidity are controlled in an indoor pool environment. For this, the pool contractors carry out AVC work that ensures you get plenty and healthy air in your pool area.

 Filtration and Water Management 

To ensure you swim in clean water, filtration systems, pumps, and dosing systems are installed in the pool. Integrated water systems are set to remove any toxic chlorine by-products, and they ensure that your pool water is reliably clean.

This guide will help you in getting your luxury pool and spa installed properly in your home. 

By Anurag Rathod

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