Washing Machine

LG, from its very beginning, has focused on its consumer needs and provided electronic products that make the consumers live better. The South Korean brand has incorporated various advanced technologies into manufacturing their washing machines.

The brand is continuously revising the technologies of their washing machines and adding new features to get the best. For decades LG has gained the confidence of its consumers not only in India but worldwide.

Key Features Of The LG Washing Machine

Few of the Key Features that make LG the top in the washing machine market are below.

LG Twin Wash Technology

This technology helps to double up your wash load. The machine with this feature has two tubs. One is the main drum, and the other one is designed below it. The main drum is designed mainly for heavy laundry. The mini tub can be used for delicate or small clothes like handkerchiefs, inner garments, etc.

6-Motion DD Technology 

This 6-motion DD Technology is an all-around cleaning feature. This enables the machine to provide an ideal motion for each fabric type. This feature of the brand has topped the washing machine market. It can reproduce 6-different movements- tumble, stepping, scrubbing, swinging, rolling, and filtration.

It being fabric sensitive, it provides various wash options, like stepping and scrubbing for stains and rolling and swinging for delicate items. 

Rat Protection Technology

LG Semi-Automatic Washing Machines come with a Rat Away feature. In this feature, a 3mm thick plastic cover is coated with strong rodent repellent chemicals that protect the rat from damaging the washing machine’s outer body.

Turbo Drum Technology

This LG Premium feature not only provides clean wash but is also susceptible to clothes. In Turbo Drum, two rotating drums minimize the entangling of clothes during the wash and keep the clothes intact. The drum movement is opposite to the direction of the pulsator, which makes the wash more efficient.


This feature of LG saves all wash programs you have set for your laundry. In case there is a power cut during wash, you do not have to reset the programs. It will automatically start right from there where it has stopped once the power returns.

These are the few features of LG Washing Machines that make the brand pioneer in the washing market.

LG 8-kg 5-star Inverter Wi-Fi Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing

This model has a 2-year warranty and is available online and offline. Few features make this model one of the best washing machines; it has Inverter technology that reduces the power consumption, 6-Motion Direct Drive, which reduces the machine’s vibration and noise. This inbuilt heater helps remove stains and dirt from the clothes, waterproof touch control panel, Durable stainless steel drum, and user-friendly smart diagnostic feature.

LG 6.2-kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

This model has a 2-year warranty; few of its features are, Smart Inverter Motor Cycle, which reduces the power consumption, BMC Motor Protection technology which protects the motor from moisture, dust and insects, turbo drum technology, JetSpray Function, and convenient Auto-Restart Function. If you are living in Delhi and planning to have a washing machine for your home then LG washing machine service centre in Delhi is just a call away. If you face any disturbance in your product, you can call at LG customer care number.

By Anurag Rathod

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