It is no surprise that a well-designed game is a compelling way of conveying meaningful content to your kids. This is because games help boost creativity and enhance knowledge acquisition and decision-making skills. 

Do you still think playing games leads to wastage of time only? Then let’s have a look at a few studies:

  • A recent study conducted at Iowa State University revealed that playing video games is linked to improved creativity. 
  • Research by the name ‘Learning, Attentional Control, and Action Video Games’ discovered that games serve as an effective way of training, and so they help your kids learn better and shape their attention. 
  • A survey conducted by the Learn 2 Earn identified that 97 percent of teachers believed that gamified reading platforms encouraged their students to be more creative and read more. 

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These studies prove that games are far more beneficial for kids than we realize. This is because they provide kids with a safe environment where they can experiment with their ideas, thus helping them think out-of-the-box and be more creative. 

Are you wondering which games can help boost your kids’ creativity? Don’t worry, we have got you covered! Here is a list of some of the leading games that can help boost your kids’ creative thinking abilities:

Game #1 Minecraft 

Minecraft is a well-known game that can help boost the creative thinking skills of your kids. This is because, in this game, the players are required to create humongous structures. 

Besides this, as soon as you reach the higher levels of the game, you have to be more creative in creating the best structures. The good thing about this game is that it’s challenging nature keeps the players interested till the end.  

Apart from this, many researches have been conducted to study the dynamics of this game and understanding how it helps boost creativity. So, if you’re looking to introduce an exciting and fun game for your kids, you should tell them about Minecraft right away. 

Game #2 4 in Row Mania 

Past studies related to gaming have revealed that games that involve colors and sequences play a crucial role in strengthening the cognitive abilities of kids. Apart from this, such types of games help improve the visual perceptions, problem-solving skills, and creativity of their players, thus helping them think uniquely in every situation.

One of the best examples of a creativity booster is the 4 in Row Mania game, as it requires the players to connect four pieces of color in a vertically suspended grid. And do you know what the good part of this creativity game is? It allows your kids to set the level of difficulty on their own, based on the kind of pressure that they can handle, thereby making this game even more enjoyable.   

For this reason, if you want to encourage your kids to think creatively, you should definitely introduce them to 4 in Row Mania. Wondering where to find this amazing game? You can easily find this game on popular online gaming websites, such as the Unlimited Gamez MO, which have a wide variety of learning-based yet fun games available. 

Game #3 Word Search Puzzle

According to a study conducted by the CNET, around 91 percent of children are gamers. That’s good news, do you know why? This is because games instill problem-solving and creative-thinking abilities in kids, thus preparing them well for the professional world.

However, it is critical to note that not every game can turn out to beneficial for your kids; some of them can inculcate violent behavior in them. Wondering which game can help improve the intellect of your kids?

According to past studies, games such as the Word Search Puzzle have proven to enhance kids’ cognitive abilities. Apart from this, some other convincing benefits of the Word Search Puzzle include: 

  • It improves vocabulary. 
  • It enhances language learning skills. 
  • It increases the processing speed of your kids as they are required to search for words in a given time. 
  • It enhances the working memory of kids as while searching, they try and recall the vocabulary that is already present in their brains. 

So, if you want your kids to enjoy the above-mentioned benefits, you should encourage them to play Word Search Puzzle on a regular basis.

Game #4 SimCity 

Another game that boosts creativity is none other than the renowned SimCity. This game is very popular globally because it requires its players to build a city from scratch. Just imagine how excited the players of this game might feel as they become a mayor and are allowed to plan an entire city.

Besides this, this game teaches your kids how to plan, and strategize, thereby improving their planning and organizing skills. So, if your kids don’t like playing trivial games, SimCity can be the perfect creativity booster for them.   

Game #5 Hidden Objects: Superthief

A study conducted by the Nanyang Technological University revealed that playing hidden object games on a regular basis can improve cognitive and creativity skills in kids. So, if you want your kids to think uniquely, you should introduce them to Hidden Objects: Superthief game. 

This is because this game involves finding hidden objects from unusual places, thus making your kids think creatively. Besides this, this game improves the visual search recognition of kids as well. 

Some other skill-based benefits of this game include:

  • It improves attention to detail in kids as they are required to search for things. 
  • It increases the concentration level and improves consistency. 
  • It enhances visual perception as this game allows kids to recognize different types of objects.

Game #6 FTL: Faster Than Light

The last but the most important one on our list is none other than the popular FTL: Faster than Light game. Although this is a space adventure game, but it’s exciting yet challenging nature helps boost creativity. This is because whenever you start playing this game, you experience new places, enemies, thus making the overall game interesting. 

Apart from this, one of the most adventurous parts of this game is when you’ve to fight a battle against the enemies. This calls for creative decision-making for winning the fight.


The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, a well-designed game can help your kids develop skills, including time management, creative thinking, and problem-solving, thereby helping them think outside-of-the-box. 

Therefore, if you want your kids to perform well in their academic as well as professional lives, you should simply encourage them to play the above-mentioned games. In this way, they will become proficient, rational, and resilient problem solvers.

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