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What Is The Time Taken For SEO To Show Results?

What Is The Time Taken For SEO To Show Results?

A common doubt among business owners after hiring a digital marketer for SEO purposes is ‘how long will the results be seen in?’. Though it is a fair and essential question to be asked, website owners set unrealistic expectations and seek results immediately.  It takes quite some time and lots of effort to show results. Moreover, SEO is an ongoing activity and not a one-time effort. 

Is It Possible To See Immediate Results From SEO?

In today’s world, people look for instant gratification and don’t have enough patience to wait and get frustrated quickly when things don’t work quickly. The same is true with SEO too, owners want to see quick results.  When compared to paid advertising, where results can be seen quickly, the SEO campaign takes time to show results. You may not find any drastic increase in search rankings or traffic after implementing the SEO campaign as it takes time for the search engines to find the below mentioned: 

  • The page relevance and the intent to a keyword the user searches with.
  • If the keywords in your page are used in the right context.
  • If the information, images, text on the page is trustworthy. 
  • The number of backlinks available for your site.
  • The Page load time.

Using this information, the search engines will rank the website accordingly on the results page. Search engines like Google want to ensure that the users find the most relevant information and also the best UI (User Interface) experience.  The results displayed are based on these criteria and if the website created syncs with the above information, they are ranked higher.  

SEO Timeline

SEO is a marketing strategy that is not simple, and there is no one-fit solution that works for all clients. But experienced digital marketers who have worked with various clients have seen that there is a pattern on the kind of work done and when the results can be expected.  You can get reliable information to get a general overview of when to expect results.  What to expect, when you have someone working on SEO for your website is mentioned below:

Months 1 to 3: 

Before any effort is put on your website, the SEO expert will do thorough research on the competition and their marketing strategies. By doing so, they get a clear picture of what needs to be done in terms of strategy to increase the rankings and achieve the goals. After reviewing the competition, keyword research is conducted to figure out what keywords need to be included in the site, articles or pages.

Next is to work on the website and update or fix any technical issues with the website so that each page is optimized for SEO.

Results: At the end of the first three months of SEO, you might not see any leads or calls but you will have a website that is SEO optimized. 

Months 4 to 6: 

During this period, the SEO professionals will set up your business listing on Google My Business so as to increase the local presence and to increase the leads. It is also the time when an audit on Google My Business is done to check for issues that can reduce the visibility like not submitting complete information or having multiple listings, etc. After Google My Business is audited, business information is listed on the business directories. Backlinks are created through various channels so that it helps create credibility among search engines. 

Results: You will start to see improvements in your rankings and also see more organic traffic to your website. 

Months 7 to 12: 

Content creation and creating more backlinks is undertaken during this period. The website will also need constant maintenance and upgrades so that the speed is optimized. The conversion rate increases and quality links are created. There will be an ongoing process of content creation and link building process so as to increase the relevance of the site and to build more trust. 

Results: The search engine rankings for your website will see an improvement as the users find it more trustworthy. That means, more searchers will visit your websites.  Your brand will start getting more calls, leads, form submissions that can potentially lead to more sales.   

12 months and beyond:

An audit is conducted to see what worked and what didn’t so that appropriate changes are done to optimize the website further.  SEO is an ongoing process but by this time you will see an increase in the ROI.

SEO is a long-term marketing strategy and needs to be nurtured constantly for better results.  So, it is essential to budget it for up to 12 months, to meet your basic goals. 

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