Automatic Transmission

While communing with the people that lived their life earlier than ours the thing in return comes in with the scenarios of dealing with a clutch, it was the rite and observance of the earlier era.

Today there lies a whole unscratched piece of knowledge on ‘Automotive Transmission’, the rather positive and negative side lies for sure.

Dealing with the mystifying and hidden truths of ‘Car’s Transmissions’ continues until there comes a fountain of truth that surpasses the regular and presents it more clearly, the story of ‘Transmission’.

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Let’s dive into the insights of ‘Automotive Transmision’ and what do they hold to be acclaimed as ‘Unique’.

  • Automatic Transmission

The most omnipresent and ubiquitous of all transmission is the ‘Automatic Transmission’ which by far serves most of the cars. It uses a high-end torque converter to stream down the ‘Engine’s Rotational Energy’.

The gear shifts of the transmission are controlled by a unique piece of planetary technology bottled in a series of gear sets of clutches and brakes.

There is no real battle that exists between an automatic and a manual transmission thing, be it in terms of fuel economy or gear performance.

  • Manual People, Manual Transmission

The simplest of all, the one that doesn’t daunt anyone is the manual shifting transmission. The engine’s rotational energy is thus handled with a clutch that works with the friction that goes as housed underneath the driver’s foot.

The transmission of this sort has gone with some other names like a stick shift, standard six, five, four, three, but no matter what fame status they hold they are rather prone to be discarded by the ‘U.S’ world.

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  • Variable Transmission, CVT

The transmission of this sort might lend itself to that same level of expertise of that of an ‘Automatic Transmission’ but stands on a different anchor than the former.

It uses belts, pulleys, infinite ratios and is always devoid of any gear mechanism. The specific driving condition and scenarios are thus handled by the car’s computer and the engine power is that modulated according to the driving events.

The primary driving force of a ‘Continuous Variable Transmission’ is that exhumes a somewhat higher fuel economy, there is no such transmission that works out the same level of ‘PG Ratings’ the way a ‘Continuous Variable Transmission’ does.

  • Partial Automatic/Semi-Automatic, Dual Clutch Transmission

Envisage of it as a hybrid swinging between a manual and an automatic transmission. This type of transmission is fairly similar to a conventional transmission, uses actuators and pneumatics to make changes in between the gears.

There are separable clutches in a ‘Dual Clutch Transmission’ that works for both the odd and even set of gears which then allows the rapid pace of gear shiftings.

If you ever want to experience a clearer and butter shift of gear changes and you are overwhelmed by your manual gear shifting, then rather have your hands on something as quick as the ‘Dual Clutch Shift’ and the ‘Semi-Automatic Transmission’ the rather performances will stand you as clear and differentiated.

  • Final Thought Transmissions

The attitude of a racer and the solemn behavior of an engine have always gone with compliance and there is a ‘to each his own for every clutch or non-clutch handler.

Clutching around might suit some but some prefer to work with their foot-free and are dwelling more with the automation, the flair, and driving manners are always driven by the engines of cars, finalize your favorite transmission and rule-following your preferences. 

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By Anurag Rathod

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