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The wintertime with snow and the icy road is just around the corner, and the drivers have to be very careful. Therefore, here are the top 5 winter driving tips for commuters.

In winter, driving a car is challenging. If you are inexperienced or high-spirited, accidents can even occur.

It is essential to know how to drive on snow or frozen surfaces where maximum attention and some necessary precautions are mandatory. For this reason, we have compiled top 5 winter driving tips for commuters.

Tips for Driving During Winter

1. An unobstructed view will protect you from accidents and fines.

Before driving off, it must clear all windows of snow and ice impact as a peephole is not enough. Anyone caught with this can expect a fine from traffic policies in case of an accident.

Besides, turn signals, taillights, and headlights, and the car roof, should be free of snow. The best tools for this are plastic ice scrapers with or without a metal edge.

We do not recommend sharp items as these can damage windows. You can also cover the car window with a specialized film. We strongly advise you not to use boiling water for the removal of ice on the windshield. The temperature differences can lead to cracks or even cause cracking.

2. Be careful when starting and speeding up in winter.

It is essential to do some caution when starting off the car engine. If the road is slippery, start in second gear, and press the accelerator pedal gently to avoid spinning wheels.

The important thing is to remain calm and avoid sudden maneuvers when driving. Steer with the utmost gentleness and lightly squeeze the brake pedal until you pass the critical point and the car gains grip again.

3. Brake on slippery roads gently.

If you are driving without an anti-lock braking system (ABS), you must disengage on a slippery road and apply the brake pedal with brief pressure. The tires should not lock, because they will ultimately lose grip.

When the vehicle breaks out, the driver must react quickly and release the brakes. Then steer in the desired direction of travel and brake again.

ABS can brake and steer at the same time. The driver must press the pedal fully so that the anti-lock braking system can work properly. If the brake pedal rattles, it means keeping calm as this is a sign of functioning ABS.

If the pedal pulsates during normal driving, the speed is too high for the surface. It is possibly because of extreme smoothness. You should pay particular attention to these 6 points in winter:

  • Tires
  • Battery
  • Light
  • Frost protection
  • Equipment

4. Check whether your car fits in the winter condition.

Windows and Windshields

There are tons of things to consider in winter, even away from driving. Frost protection in the radiator and windscreen wiper system must be checked so that there is no engine damage for insufficient or frozen liquid.

All windows must be cleaned inside and out before each trip. If the wipers form streaks, replace them. If you park the vehicle for several days during heavy snow, we recommend a protective film on the windshield and under the wipers. So the wipers do not freeze on the windscreen.


Also, you must always check all lights on the car, so that there is optimal visibility. If the lamps are defective, you need to replace them immediately. But make sure you use the right product. Otherwise, the oncoming traffic can cause serious accidents.


Special care for the door and tailgate rubbers ensures that they do not freeze up. If this is the case, an appropriate de-icing spray will help. You can find both in a well-stocked car dealer.

After washing the car, treat the varnish with hard wax. Also, we recommend washing off the dirt and contaminant, which attacks the body and the technology from the below parts.

5. Objects that you should take with you in winter drives

The car safety items should be in every car. For each seat in the car, It includes a safety vest, a warning triangle, and a valid first-aid kit. Also, winter tires with the Alpine symbol are necessary.

Besides the legally required items, you should always have the following with you:

  • Because of the increased use of batteries and the frequent use of light, the cells of old batteries may be out of use. Here, it is useful to have a jump start kit on hand.
  • It is also useful to use a sponge or rag to have on hand in the car. In an emergency, these can be real lifesavers when the windows are fogged up.
  • It requires an ice scraper and even a whisk for obstructions outside your vehicle, such as ice and snow.
  • Waiting in a traffic jam or for breakdown service can be a test of patience under challenging conditions. Here, warm drinks from the thermos can also help.
  • In the winter months, it also gets light late and dark early. It can be fatal if you want to inspect your car after a breakdown. We recommend it to use a good flashlight or even a headlamp for emergencies with you.
  • A charged power bank is also convenient. If your car suddenly goes limp and you run out of electricity, a charged power bank can be beneficial to call and stay in touch with the breakdown service.

How to Park During Snow

The best way to park in the snow is leaving the gearbox in the parking position “P” with DSG or first gear with a manual gearbox. If you leave your car parked during a snowstorm, we recommend that you lift the windscreen wipers from the windshield to prevent them from sticking to the glass.

Snow Tires for Driving on Snow

The most important thing is the tires. You can use all-season tires for snow, or use specialized winter tires, the grip will be better on the snow where mobility can still be guaranteed. Right tires and chains are mandatory devices in winter.

Final Words

In winter, drivers always have to deal with ice and snow. It becomes dangerous at temperatures around freezing because the condition of the road can then change quickly. We hope that our top 5 winter driving tips for commuters can help you have proper preparation for the upcoming winter season!

By Anurag Rathod

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