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The Internet is expanding to different and unbelievable limits. The vastness of this platform is as immense as our imagination. Decades ago, it was given away to flourish, but nobody knew at that time that this term would affect our lives so much as to such a vast level. Something that would not only change our daily activities but our view towards universal formatting standards. The wild rise since the past decades is transforming the way we look towards the web and Internet. It is providing us different dimensions to explore our imagination and is helping us make our dreams come true . It provides us with a vast platform to solve all our problems and lead our ways towards success. The market is taken over by some of the most prestigious companies in all. The list of all websites that are ranking is:


The company started in 1998. A multinational technology company that came to market with the motive to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful to all the reachable positions.

 It aims to work for Internet-related services and product building which consists of advertisements,search engine facilities, cloud computing,software related applications, and hardware based projects. In the current scenario, it is one of the most used search engines and is admired for its services by all. It is another name for extensive searching. People nowadays don’t search; they google it. Not only for the saying but the statistics say it all, 97% of the mobile users and 67% of all desktop users choose Google as their search engine because of its marvelous functionalities and user-friendly behaviour ; also, the statistics are increasing in their favour. It has become a big name trying to make a monopoly in the market.


When it comes to online shopping, the first thing that comes to our mind is Amazon. Amazon is a  American multinational technology company based in Seattle, Washington, which aims to focus on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence has taken over the market in the least time with great efforts. It works as a retail market, but there numerous more technological products are helping us grow. Whether it is amazon cloud or online fund transferring methods, it is increasing its customers all day long with its services and attainments. From providing socks to servers, Amazon has come a long way. The company may have been not the pioneer for the e-cart or online stores, but it has changed the standard of e-tail by breaking into the mainstream. It makes sure that all the customers safely use their cards and money to get the best out  of it . It is one of the most greeted E-commerce Website development changes in the current scenario.


Regardless of our working in any field or studying anywhere in any state , everyone has used Wikipedia for their learning once in a lifetime.It is a multilingual platform open for all to give or take information about anything and everything. Its prominence rise is undeniably exceptional. The entries have been enormously increasing in this portal and are widely used. Officially it is now treated as the Internet encyclopedia which is a big label to stand on. Sometimes it was questioned based on its data correctness because it can be edited by anyone and anywhere. But it has always proved itself and is serving people wholeheartedly. It is and will always be part of one of the most visited and influential websites.


Facebook, is anyone alive on this planet and not aware of Facebook? The answer is probably  a big NO-NO. Facebook has given different standards for communicating via the Internet. An application founded by CEO Mark Zuckerberg in the early 2000s has crashed all the other markets and has become the world’s largest social networking site providing what users need. We built technologies that help people connect with friends and family, find communities, and grow businesses.

From old age people to middle-aged children, everyone is handily using this website with its utmost user-friendly features and actions. More than 2 Billion active users is a significant milestone and is serving them from past many years with the same integrity. Not only the parent company but Instagram and Twitter are equally contributing towards its success. Facebook has given us a new way to stay in touch with friends and relatives, mingling in ways that often make it difficult to tell one from the other.


This website has changed our way of looking towards videos for entertainment, studying, information gathering etc. Youtube has given a prominent form of videos and is helping is making it more niche for us. There mission is to give everyone a voice and show them the world.

It is providing a stage to Millions of users to showcase their talents and earn from them. It has turned smartphones into video publishing sites and many more.YouTube is working both ways: making it easy for us to keep entertained, learn new skills or keep in touch with far-flung friends, but it is also a hell for abuse and hate speech which in turn is affecting mental health in evil ways.


It is one of the popular sites for real estate business jobs, housing, for sale, items wanted, services, community service, gigs, résumés,discussion forums and job listings. As Of 2017, more than 60 million monthly U.S. users which is a huge number. Craigslist decided to start an emailed list of San Francisco-based events in 1995, which founder Craig Newmark expanded into a classified ads site and online forum, which is helping till now and aiming to be one of the most used places for such purposes. It has given real estate a new platform to publish their ads and making it easy for them to trade.


Before Google was the real hero, there was a full movie on Yahoo. It was one of the websites that attracted people to use the web and brought people to this chaos.It provides a web portal, search engine Yahoo! Search, and related services It also served as a sort of Yellow Pages for the web with editors selecting links, news stories and other sites. Google’s relevance based searching gave its traffic a boost, and hence Yahoo was sidelined. Yahoo is still serving its purposes and local customers.


eBay has popularised the way of an online and e-commerce marketplace for consumers and sellers. Before other popular E-commerce sites, eBay was used to alter the way to pass along and monetized used goods . It has given away to sites like Etsy to help people run small businesses and earn money because out of there creativity .eBay is and will always be used to find the most vintage and scarce items from sneakers to sold-out iPhones.eBay is a viral E-commerce development platform.


There are no. of sites making our work easy and satisfiable. But the sites listed above have marked their territory in the respective fields and are ruling.

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