Kartra Pricing Packages

It is pretty challenging to choose the right software for your business, one wrong decision waste all your effort and money spend. Online business requires several tools for the smooth functioning of your business. But most of the time, people don’t find the right fit for their business and stuck in plenty of software that makes their work an unacceptable mess. 

As marketing is the most crucial element for the popularity and success of the online business, people struggle a lot to find the best software for this. But unfortunately, you will find thousands of software with hefty prices and less functioning. Finding an all-in-one software requires plenty of research about features, tools, pricing, interface, integrations and much more. 

Here is a tip; if you are searching for the best marketing software, such as Kartra, you must consider comparing it with any other popular software such as ClickFunnel vs. Karta. It will significantly help you in decision-making. Also, the analysis of two software of the same purpose leads you to a better selection. 

This review will discuss Kartra pricing packages and their comparison with other funnel-building platforms such as ClickFunnels and Builderall. Before jumping into Karta’s plans, let’s briefly discuss Kartra and its best features. 

What is Karta?

Kartra is a swiss army knife of marketing software; you can find all the best things together in this funnel building platform. Developed in 2018 by Genesis Digital, it is a one-stop solution for every small to medium and large business. Kartra provides email marketing, list building, web-hosting, best integrations, shopping cart, membership sites, built-in affiliation system, tracking tools, robust analytics. 

Karta is pretty popular among markets due to its easy-to-use interface and extensive dashboard that provides access to all your business matters in one place. 

Kartra Pricing Packages

Kartra enables businesses to easily create sales funnels, membership sites and online courses without messing around with codes and technical things. Anyone can build amazing-looking landing pages on Kartra. It is one of the most affordable sales funnel builders that provides everything that your online business needs. 

After reading this short review, you’ll know about Kartra pricing packages and whether it’s a right fit for your sales funnel or not. 

How much does Kartra Cost? 

Kartra offers four well-crafted plans to its users and has enough of everything you need, such as hostings, emails, domains, landing pages, etc. 

Starter Plan Cost:

Starter Kartra package costs USD 99 per month, or if billed annually, it will costs USD 948 with 20% off – 79$ (per month)

What’s Included:

The basic or Starter plan of Kartra has 2500 contacts, one domain, 100 landing pages, 20 products, two membership sites, 50 video hostings, 15,000 emails /mo, Kartra agency, plenty of funnel templates. It costs you $99 per month. 

Silver Plan Cost:

Silver Plan costs you USD 199 per month, or if billed annually, it will cost you USD 1,788 with 25% off – USD 149 (per month)  

What’s Included:

Silver Kartra plan includes 12,500 contacts, three domains, unlimited landing pages, unlimited products, unlimited membership sites, unlimited video hosting, unlimited emails, Kartra affiliation, and unlimited funnel templates. 

Gold Plan Cost:

You will have to pay USD 299 per month for Gold Plan. And, if you opt for annual billing, it will cost you USD 2,749 with 23% off – 229$ (per month) 

What’s Included:

Platinum Plan includes 25000 contacts, five domains, unlimited landing pages, unlimited products, unlimited membership sites, unlimited email marketing and video hosting, Kartra affiliate management, and unlimited funnel templates. 

Platinum Plan Cost:

Platinum plan cost USD 499 per month; if billed annually, it will costs USD 4,548 with 24% off – USD 379 (per month) 

What’s Included:

This Kartra pricing package includes 50,000 contacts, ten domains, unlimited landing pages, unlimited (products, membership sites, video hostings, email marketing, affiliation, agency and funnel templates). 

Price Comparison With Other Funnel Building Platforms

Doing a thorough price and feature analysis is necessary before buying any application. Kartra has very affordable pricing for any business, but they lack features such as third-party integrations and ease in customization. We suggest you check the Karta pricing package comparison with other software such as Builderall, or ClickFunnels, a competitor of Kartra, and offers much more for building the best sales funnel. 

ClickFunnels Pricing

ClickFunnel offers three plans, Basic $97 a month, Platinum $397 a month and Two Comma Club X $2.497 a month. ClickFunnels is a bit expensive as compared to Kartra but has more beneficial and valuable. Something costly is usually good (not in every case). 

Buiderall Pricing

Builderall offers three pricing packages; builder Plan starts from $29.90 a month, Premium Plan $69.90 a month, and Funnel Club costs $99.90 a month. Builderall is pretty affordable for small businesses that don’t have much budget to buy costly marketing software. 

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