wireless TP Link MiFi

The wireless TP Link MiFi is a modern technological device for the home network. The device is very convenient because we can easily transfer this from one place to another place and we can put it into the paint pocket. The dual-band is the frequency band class of the wireless MiFi. the number of one port is available on the device for the wired connection. The connectivity mode of the device is 4G and wifi. The item model number is M7350. The voltage of the device is 5 volts. The device requires one lithium polymer battery of 2000 mAH. The wireless MiFi has the availability to connect up to 10 devices with us. This device’s first time available in the market was 24 August 2017. The data transferring rate of the device is approximately 500 Mb per second.

The wireless tp-link device is controlled by the mobile app and you can change the settings, gathering the speed and internet signals with the help of the TP-link app. The device has two supported radio frequencies like 2.4GHz and 5GHz radiofrequency. The device can work 8 hours continuously without charging. You need to insert a 32GB SD card for storage.

Features of the  Wireless TP Link MiFi

There are many features of the wireless tp-link device. To begin with, 

Faster Connection:

The device is connected faster with the other connection. This device has the latest generation 4G LTE network for better connection. You can enjoy video streaming, gaming, fast file downloading, and a stable connection. up  to10 other devices connect with the wireless tp-link device.

Battery Consumption:

The 2000mAH one lithium battery for consumption. The device offers you 8 hours of wireless connectivity. This device is mostly used in trips and tours for the internet.

TPlink app:

All the instructions and guidelines are given on the app. You can modify every setting through the TP-Link app. It is easy to download the TP-Link app by the QR code and from the link. 


The whole control of the device is possible through the tp-link app. On the display of the device, have the option to check the signals and more. The tp-link controls the radio frequencies, signals, and connections.

Easy Management:

The management of the device is very easy with the help of manual and envelop. All the points regarding all the procedures like installation, setup, login, and troubleshooting steps are given in the device manual and envelope.

It is Important to Install a SIM card in The Device

Yes, it is crucial to install the SIM card and SD card in this device for continuing the internet services. With the help of the SIM card, the internet connection is possible and the SD card helps to store the memory.

Steps to Insert the SIM Card:

Initially, open the back cover of the device. Secondly, you have the 4G SIM card then, in the device you mentioned the SIM on the slot of the SIM card. After that, you need to slide the SIM card into the slot.

Steps to insert the SD card:

The memory card slot is given on the opposite and right corner to the SIM card slot. Then, open the locker of the SD card slot. After that, fit the SD card according to the slot shape in the device. Then, pull down and press the locker to lock this.

Steps to install the battery:

Firstly, you need to take the battery and locate the sign of + and -. Put the battery according to the metal contact of the battery and then pull the battery to fix in the device. Then, fix the door back to close the back area. After that, turn ON the device from the button which is given on the display. Then, the device connects the device to the power adapter and turns ON the power outlet. After completing the charging, you can connect this to the computer laptop through the charging port.


3 months ago, I purchased this device from amazon in the lockdown and at that time, I did online classes on the zone app. So, I need to connect more devices with us. Till now, I use this device efficiently. All-time I controlled this device through the mobile app. For tp link mifi login you need the username and password of the device. That is mentioned on the configuration card. Full day, I use this device without charging. From my point of view, it is a first-class device. Thus, you should purchase this.

By Anurag Rathod

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