brocade transceivers

It is widely acknowledged that quality-approved transceivers undergo a series of practices while installing and removing them from the stable network. However, if followed a non-standard practice whether, for installation or disconnection of brocade transceivers, it can drastically result in implicit damage or the worse can cause permanent failure. To prevent such a situation in your data center, it’s wise to follow the expert guidance before installing or disconnecting the transceivers from your network.

The installation and disconnection of transceivers are quite an easy method if you have possessed technical knowledge. All you need is to refer to the datasheet or the manual of transceiver manufacturers provided by the suppliers to familiarize yourself with its features and technical mechanism.

Informative Rules To Know Before Installation Or Disconnecting The Brocade Transceivers Line

  • Frequent disconnection of transceivers like GLC-EX-SMD can reduce its functional life. Therefore, try to limit removing the transceiver modules unless you have no other choice like shifting the data center.
  • Disconnect all the operating cables before installing or removing the transceiver to avoid potential damage to the cable or transceivers. Keep in mind that damage caused either to the cable or brocade transceivers will affect the performance as well as durability of the data, network transmission.
  • Prevent the authenticity and life of Brocade data transmission modules by inserting the clean dust covers once remove the cable. After removing, do thoroughly clean the surfaces of the fiber cables before plugging them back to the ports. Do not let the dust or any kind of contaminants gets accumulated into the ports of your brocade transceiver modules as this may do not affect the longevity and quality performance of transceivers.
  • Brocade modules are sensitive to static. Thus, use an ESD wrist strap or grounding device during the installation as well as the disconnection process of transceivers.

Steps to Efficiently Install The Brocade Transceiver Modules To Enhance Its Performance

  • Wrap and connect the one end of the ESD wrist strap around your wrist and simultaneously safely connect the other end of the strap on the switch.
  • Before inserting the module like GLC-EX-SMD into the designated port, do not remove the optical bore dust plugs.
  • Locate the send (TX) and receive (RX) markings to identify the top of the transceiver and continue the network transmission accordingly with no disruption.

Steps To Safely Remove The Brocade Transceivers Without Affecting Its Durability & Performance

  • Connect an ESD-preventive wrist strap to your wrist and the ESD ground connector 
  • Safely disconnect the network cable from the installed transceiver
  • Release and remove the brocade transceiver from the port
  • Keep the removed transceiver in an anti-static bag or transceiver-favorable environment so you can re-install it again whenever you want.

With proper awareness, safety guidelines, and knowledge about the transceivers’ technical mechanism, it’s easy to install and disconnect them. Following these expert suggested guidelines, we hope you can overcome the technical complications related to the installation or removal of brocade transceivers without causing damage to the modules.

By Anurag Rathod

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