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Inkjet and laser printers to avoid

Inkjet and laser printers to avoid

With so many models, brands, and prices to choose from, buying a printer can be confusing. Also, you can’t try before buying a research institute-if you can shake and print your vacation photos or lab homework for kids!

  • This is why we have tested printers for many years-find out what you get before you buy. Our laboratory experts reviewed more than 80 popular models and evaluated key factors including print quality, speed, scanning and copying, annual online costs, power consumption, and ease of use.
  • In the process, we found some great publishers (spoiler warning: they are not always expensive) and some really working performance creators
  • Therefore, you will not end in failure, we showed some of the lowest rated models and shared experienced shopping tips to finally get your release.

Canon Pixma TS3160

Showcasing the pitfalls of cheap printers, this cannon will cost you $59-then five times per line in the year of use. That said, compared to the existing thirst model (see below), $300 is actually a small amount, but it is still surprising. best color laser printers for small office

  • As the publisher with the lowest overall score in our test, these main violations of this format are poor print quality (38%) and general ease of use (56%). It has a certain degree of safety and protection-the best results in terms of printing and scanning speed-but has been reorganized with media and barren dumps.
  • It takes 54 seconds to start printing when you turn it on, so you will stay in the labor office like Cinderella, lamenting that “my publication will come one day”.

HP Deskjet 3720p

An HP print for $59 looks cheap—until you know how expensive it is to repair it. Our technical experts estimate that each line will cost you $898 per year (based on our average usage view of 1,000 prints, 250 color documents and 250 full-color images in a year).With this financial protection, you will expect a clean print.

Unfortunately, this printing effect is not ideal: it can only achieve 50% print quality and 43% print speed. One benefit is that it can print on Wi-Fi mobile devices, and the same is true-it is noisy and you don’t want to sit next to it while printing.

Brother HL-L2300D

  • If you are looking for colorful chapters, please skip the basic brother who scored the lowest in our laser printing test. Most importantly, it is easy to use, fast to start up (14 seconds) and fast to print (up to 96%). All of these seem so sweet, until you see poor print quality, with a score as low as 46%.
  • It also uses a lot of power and does not display scan or copy functions. Interestingly, the price of the deception laser model manufactured by Brother is the same. Check our reviews and buy one of them instead of replacing this variant.

HP Colour LaserJet Pro M283FDW

This kind of multi-color printed matter can be scratched quickly, but the quality of the printed matter has many shortcomings-it only reaches 42% of the printing quality. It is suitable for scanning, but not suitable for copying. Of course, this fast printing comes at a price: its toner cost is very high, and it consumes a total of 377W when printing.

HP Laserjet Pro MFP M428FDW

This multi-structure model (try to say it is three times faster) proves that it is not just cheap under you.

  • Although it is worth more than $600, in our research, its print quality is the lowest (40%) of the laser model. It is also an ordinary copy (59%) and is rated as very easy to use (66%). If you can forgive these major flaws, it will print faster and provide better scores for scans and links. However, our experts have found models that are cheaper than our tests, so it is best to avoid using the models below.

Brother HL-L3270CDW

If you are in a hurry, this method is successful: it produces excellent printing speeds, and you can print from Wi-Fi mobile devices. But this speed comes at a price-literally.

Rip-off Inkjet printers

Lexmark has long been considered one of the most expensive production lines. Then Dell decided to win the competition by producing more expensive printers. Although these are actually produced by Lexmark, Dell adds extra plastic, so you can’t use expensive Lexmark laptops, you have to buy more expensive Dell laptops. A few years ago, HP decided to take the lead in the integration field.

They began to reduce the size of the map to 564xl and 920xl. Then they replaced the new printer because they did not accept large packages. There is a lot of confusion as to how people buy the 564xl printer they should use and find out that they bought the wrong size. HP subsequently decided to include an expiration date in the cardboard fragments. This is to prevent replenishment. However, it has other consequences.

You can access closed HP backups, actual HP prints, and when it reaches its expiration date, it will stop working. I did not tell the stock that it has expired. It shows an inaccurate error message. There is no reason for this-except for the benefits of pornography.

A shelf kept at a reasonable temperature can be used for several years. As far as I know, no other company sets an expiration date for scores (although they do it equally badly in other ways). Then HP did an easier trick. Some people test third-party printers before buying them to make sure they work properly.

HP allowed the lock for the third room to work for several weeks, and prepared a program for the printer to start displaying error messages for the next few weeks after the buyer was stuck with the printer. Hewlett-Packard filed three lawsuits for his abominable behavior, and the judge merged them all. Let us hope that HP fails.

Note: These dirty tricks only happen in North America. It is illegal for HP to do so in other countries.

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