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Having a better workplace is good for the employees, but the employer will also benefit tremendously. Remember, once you become employed, you’ll spend the better part of your days in the office. So, if it’s uncomfortable, you’ll also not be feeling well there. A good workplace will make you productive and increase your income and earn customers loyalty as you beat competitors. But how do you make this possible? Read on to get the tips.

1.  Allow Interaction and Communication Within the Workplace

If you want the workplace to be conducive for everyone, talk with your employees regularly. Also, allow the workers to communicate amongst themselves. If you don’t interact with your employees, they’ll fear since they don’t know what’s on your mind. Also, through interacting and communications, you’ll be able to know their problems and change where necessary. Interaction forums may bring up new ideas that can help your company grow.

But if you don’t allow free interactions and communication, most of your employees may harbor frustrations you won’t manage when they reach their limits. You can create a social media platform for interactions or set a place for socializing over lunch breaks. However, have rules and boundaries for this as some employees can also take advantage of the freedom to avoid working.

2. Appreciate Employees

Everyone loves receiving praises no matter the age. If you see your team is doing well, and you’re earning much from their efforts, appreciate them. You can reward all the employees for the good work by giving gifts and promotions. If it’s an individual employee, you can praise them through word of mouth or a letter and even give them tokens of appreciation to make others pull up their socks. Treating your employees to a trip or vacation can also be a way of saying thank you for the exemplary work.

3. Conduct Team Bonding Exercises

Please spare some time off work for everyone where they’ll get to socialize as you motivate and encourage one another. Do this when you realize the energy and morale at work are reducing to help motivate everyone. Through team bonding, you can conduct training and seminars to remind your employees of the benefits of working together. But also spend more time for fun where people engage in games and showcase their talents. Interactions through fun will also enable you to know more about your employees” character and behaviors.

4. Make the Work Place Comfortable

To make your employees enjoy coming to work daily, let the office be comfortable. The workplace should have adequate modern facilities for everyone. Let the buildings be spacious and well aerated with enough equipment. Get your office furniture in Los Angeles, make all the employees comfortable, and give the office a classic look. With their chairs, tables, or office desk, you can set up a modern workplace that employees will love.

Also, have a special area where your employees can eat or drink as they socialize for some time. The building should also have various means of accessing it, for example, stairs, lifts, and special walk paths for disabled workers. Don’t forget to keep your office clean all the time.

5. Emphasize Living Healthy

Every employee should practice healthy living to have long lives. Without exercising, the mood and health of your workers can be wanting. To achieve this, encourage workers to walk around often after sitting longer. Also, let them know the benefits of eating balanced diets for their health. If you can, be providing healthy snacks at the office during breaks. But remember for someone to exercise or eat healthily they need time and money. So, ensure you don’t overload your employees with work that they can’t have time and energy to keep fit. Also, give good salary to all that can sustain them. If possible, encourage your employees to have a balance between work and their normal life.


Suppose you want to have a better workplace; don’t underestimate the little things that happen around there. Be keen to notice changes in employees, behavior, and mood to analyze any problem. This can be easy only if you communicate and interact with them. To increase your productivity, appreciate good performance, and make the workplace comfortable. Don’t forget to encourage healthy living for better moods and fewer disease attacks.  

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.