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Do you know that transactional SMS can boost sales? What says for an in-depth reading of this blog?

According to recent research, we have found that usually, one person takes 90-minutes to respond to an email. Whereas it’s only 90 seconds in SMS. In that way, it will not be wrong if we call it promotional too. Though promotional SMS is totally different from transactional SMS but due to its amazing features, it boosts sales too. It’s not a declining fact that every customer expects personal and engaging texts. To meet these demands, a marketer needs to devise the right mobile strategy that directly reaches to the customers and supports marketing too.  If we count in numbers, then we will found that 75% of customers want that they will be notified with SMS for anything from an appointment to offers, information, payment reminders and more. Currently, only 30% of companies are catering to these demands.

People these days prefer to get notified via SMS rather than other channels. There are massive untapped opportunities for businesses. If we talk about traditional promotional SMS, then it focusses entirely on marketing like one-day-sales, product launch etc. Whereas transactional SMS is based on triggered events and value customers more due to being timely, personalised and relevant especially.

There will be hardly any business person who doesn’t know the meaning of transactional SMS service and its business benefits. Now it’s almost 95% of them who has its knowledge but don’t know about its usage. This blog is mainly for them. They will grasp its usability well and effectively.

Let’s take a look at its usage in business:

Account Activation/Verification (Identity Verification)

With SMS, you can enable customer’s account verification feature that increases security. Whenever a customer signs in to your site, then a verification code or activation link is sent on their mobile. They have to enter that verification code or click on that link to proceed for account registration. This adds a security layer on the customer’s account. Even, it’s an inexpensive, reliable plus convenient way to enhance security and as well as peace of mind.

Shipping/Delivery/Pickup Notifications

The real-time information like placing an order, shipment, delivery and pick up can be shared with the customers via SMS. The real-time information like placing an order, shipment, delivery and pick up can be shared with the customers via SMS. A simple update of their order can give a customer important information and keep them updated about their order status. This is something that customer always demand. It also makes you trustworthy and improves customer relationship.

Time-Triggered Reminders

The time-triggered messages can play a significant role in keeping the users engaged plus informed about your services or anything else to which they should be updated. For e.g., if a client is coming to you for a meeting, then you can send informative texts as a reminder. In this way, you will never lose potential business opportunities. In short, all the information are available on their fingertips with not a single hassle.

Real-Time Alerts

If you want to keep the customers in a loop, then SMS is the best way. In the time of urgency, it becomes more efficient plus helpful. Missing a phone or email is common but an SMS always catches the eye. Even customers respond instantly on these texts too. Providing real-time alerts of any of their necessary information regarding your services makes them feel informed plus valued. Ultimately, this reaches the highest satisfaction level and boosts credibility as well.

Final Words

After understanding its usability in business, you have clearly understood its astounding importance. If you want to fuel your business strategy, then utilise it in this way and earn the best profit. There are also many transactions SMS providers in the market, like Datagen. Better to take their help and get instant results.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.