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PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) are on the wishlist of every business owner who plans to revamp their piece of software for improved user experience. So, what exactly is a PWA? A progressive web app is a website that can be worked on mobile phones, tablets, wearables, you name it. Users now prefer PWAs over native applications that need to be installed. This is because PWAs consume extremely less disk space and deliver great user experiences that are comparable to native apps. PWAs are offered by many popular websites such as Instagram, Twitter, Uber, Amazon, etc. Apart from that, there are tons of other companies that use PWAs for their customer and business needs. However, the price tag of developing one in the stateside is way higher than the development cost offered by most software development companies in India. In this blog post, we will deliver you some cool insights on how PWAs can boost your business.

What are progressive web apps?

The closest definition that we can say for a PWA is something but a website that has the functionality of a mobile app. When you access a PWA via a mobile device, it functions more like a mobile app. Whereas, when you open it via a web browser on your desktop, you can use it like a regular website. PWAs can also be used by startups to sites to build minimum viable products that can be built within a tight budget.

How can PWAs boost your business?

Great user experience

PWAs deliver great user experience when compared to native mobile apps. Most users prefer to search for websites rather than downloading their apps from the play store. The reason for this is the limited storage, Whereas a progressive web app consumes only less space. Faster load speed, direct access from the app drawer, responsiveness, low disk space, push notifications and offline functionalities are some of the factors that improve user experience. PWAs achieve faster load speed by using a service worker that prefetches data and caches the resources of users. Moreover, they look nearly similar to a native mobile app with the added advantages that you can get from a website.

Cross-platform Support

Its ability to work on all devices that have different OS and hardware is one of the cool features of progressive web apps. Instead of building websites and mobile apps separately, building a PWA will help your business to cut down your development cost. However, if you decide to build native applications, you have to hire developers who have expertise in building mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

Better Customer Engagement

Developing a progressive web app will help your business to engage more users when compare d to a regular website or a mobile app. Its hassle-free installation is the main functionality that users love, you can launch a progressive web app in just one click from the app drawer. The ability of progressive web apps to send push notifications is another factor that raises your customer engagement levels. Push notifications can easily attract customers to your site since there is more chance for users to check app notifications.

Less dependency on stores

Progressive web apps can eliminate the dependency on app-stores, play store, and Microsoft store. These stores are saturated with millions of apps. Hence, there will only be a limited chance for users to download your app. Apart from that, these stores can remove your app without any prior warning. Moreover, publishing an app on these stores is a time-consuming process that won’t give any upfront guarantee.

Low development cost

If you are looking for a budget-friendly mobile app solution. Native mobile app development is the last thing you should ever consider. Native mobile app development is extremely expensive and can consume much of your valuable time. Developing and maintaining native apps also requires more number of developers. And for it to be popular in the app store, you need to develop it for all platforms, which will make its development process even more expensive. However, Progressive Web App development has low development costs when compared to native app development, and can be built in a relatively short span of time. It’s better to approach software development companies as they can help you out with Progressive Web App Development with great price tags without compromising on quality.

Good for your SEO

Higher ranking on the search engine result page is quintessential for business success. The cool thing about progressive web apps is that they are indexable by search engine crawlers. This means search engines can show the result of your progressive web apps on their search engine result pages.

Hope you got a clear understanding of the impact of progressive web apps on your business and how you can save your valuable time and money by developing one.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.