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How much does mobile app development cost in 2020?

How much does mobile app development cost in 2020?

In this digital world, the market for mobile applications increasing day by day. So, more and more people are researching how much it does cost to make an app. Most of the people use apps for communication, fashion, lifestyle, games, business, and many more. Developing your own app is a matter of business.

According to the study, at the end of 2020, the number of mobile users is expected to reach 7 billion, and the number of smartphone users to reach over 3.5 billion. 

It is beneficial for app development companies to take an aggressive approach to mobile app development. Incomes from mobile app downloads are expected to reach $581 billion at the end of 2020.

Let’s discuss how much does mobile app development costs in 2020?

The cost of mobile app development will be decided on the basis of several factors and what you are looking to get for your business.

We can say that there is no fixed price for mobile app development. It’s similar to buy a car or mobile; the cost will depend on what you want to accomplish through the purchase.

The cost of app development will be decided based on the following factors:

  • Which type of app do you want to develop, such as gaming app, fashion related app, or any other?
  • What features you want in your app?
  • For which platform you want like iOS app development, Android app development, or any other platform?

Here we go through the factors that affect the cost of mobile app development.

Type of the Apps

Basic Apps

Basic apps are easy and fast to develop because it includes a few features. Basic apps are mostly developed for personal use only. 

Native Apps

Native apps are larger and heavy that work for the best user experience and fast work. It includes various device’s APIs and processes more features at the same time. Native apps will be as expensive as a number of platforms you want to support. Native apps are mostly business apps, education apps, or entertainment apps.

Hybrid Apps

We can say those cross-platform apps that are best to reach plenty of audiences from the start. Hybrid apps are less optimized, less access to APIs, and can’t give the native user experience. It is mainly suitable for small to medium apps.

Gaming Apps

Gaming apps include 3D graphics, global rating, AR support, social media integration, and much more advanced technologies. The more complex game costs more and gaming apps are the most popular category of application and the most profitable ones also. 

Database-driven Apps

It is the more complex apps with extensive data to handle, or it can be stored on a web server or in the device memory. For example, mobile dictionaries. 

Who can develop mobile apps?

There are two options for mobile app development in Texas: Mobile app development agencies and freelance developers. Hiring a professional agency is a good idea because designers, developers, and all the team are skilled and works in a team with each other that provides more reliability. 

Benefits of the mobile app development company

  • Entire experts you need at a single place
  • Hassle-free workflow
  • All the legal matter will be handled.
  • Reliability and high-end securities
  • You can build a continued relationship with an app development agency
  • Round the clock support team
  • Budget-friendly

Mobile app key features that affect the cost

User login

When the app users have to register or login to the app to use it.

Push Notification

Includes various types of notifications like simple text, including images, including actionable buttons and etc.


It defines how users go on the screen that includes swiping, scrolling, click on action buttons and movements within the app.

Landscape/portrait view

A way to list the items in the app presented to the users.

Media content

Includes images, videos, audio files, filters, emojis and etc for the fruitful interaction.


It’s based on GPS location and it requires real-time user permission. Mostly useful in transportation apps, restaurant apps, traveling apps and etc.


Includes a direct person-to-person chat, group messages, types of file transfer and etc.

Payment integration

Works to purchase any items or make payments for any kind of service. 

Multi-language support

Works when an app requires you to present in multiple languages according to the regions.

Apart from these, there are so many features that you want to cover in app development and that affect the cost while developing mobile applications.

So, how does it cost to develop an app depends on many factors such as development cost, size of the application, features you want to include, use of the technologies, the complexity of the app, and much more. Contact an app development and SEO Company for more details and an exact estimation for the app development.

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