EMAR Software

The EMAR software module and its workflow elements are introduced and applied in a way to achieve the goals. The EMAR technology was introduced to provide the Pharmacy, the key pharmacy provider, with a real-time direct electronic connection. The filled prescription is submitted directly into the medication administration record and the medication pass schedule for caregivers.

The EMAR technology needed to be triggered for the preparation for nurses and caregivers during the EHR. The EMAR technology required in order to resolve workflow improvements and discrepancies, the existing protocols, and practices relating to the administration of drugs have been checked. These protocols and practices have been revised and changed before the implementation of EMAR workforce preparation. EMAR moves the workflow from paper to electronics in med-pass technology trends 2020.

Care givers sign up for the EMAR and have access to their medal pass schedules at their scheduled times with their special credentials. The Med Pass is so quick that you click the name of your resident, click the prescription that you want to pass, check your pharmacy-pre-packing bubble box cards, mark the drugs and then click CONFIRM that the medicines were administered on request. There are ways to document missed/rejected/attempted drugs and to log critical indications or other health facts while a drug pass is taken. Data flows from the field electronically into the EHR and the MAR in real-time.

EMAR technology delivers a dashboard for the tracking of medication operations in the entire senior community in real-time. The Dashboard tracks possible duplicate prescription requests, PRN administered and results, keeping of drugs, requests for pharmaceutical goods, and non-administered medicines for some cause. Daily analysis of the Dashboard information helps physicians to detect complications or issues before adverse effects occur.

Features Of EMAR Software

Reaching A Fuller EHR

The use of EMAR technologies helps to complete the EHR by supplementing the therapeutic e-assessments, the e-service/treatment plan, and the rest of the EHR by means of an electronic database of the details about each drug (EHR).

Improved Efficiency Of Workflow

The pharmacy is now doing no further month-end reconciliation workflows. In order to ensure that the improvements in prescription monthly MARs from the previous month have been recorded, the nurses invested 10 hours in updating Med Sheets before using the EMAR. About 12 days before the beginning of the new month the MARs were printed. The lengthy-time taken to make the handwriting changes needed to reconcile MAR is no longer needed.

EMAR led to a very low rate of error in drugs. On average, the direct health workers sign the MAR nearly 22,000 times a month or 290 times a month per resident per month between opioid administration and care (nearly 10 MAR documentations daily per resident).

Lowered Error Rate Of Medication

The error rate for 2013 for medicine/treatment was 0.072%; 2014 was 0.011%, and for 2015 epiphany is on a downward route. EMAR = 192/yr errors in med. EMAR = 31/yr. Med mistakes.

Improved Compliance With Legislation

New evaluations and improved paperwork are needed for changes to the robust home care license under which Epiphany works. The EMAR framework is adopted for a simple demonstration of criteria for regulatory enforcement.

Today, it is very simple for nurses to test the drugs with the introduction of EMAR to make sure that each prescription has a reason/diagnosis. Again this report can be carried out at any time and helps ensure compliance with the Epiphany in this sector.

Improved Responsibility For Caregivers

At present, the nurses/med techs are running a missing drug/treatment survey at the conclusion of their transition. It can be executed in seconds. They found that this surveillance “real-time” has helped to make Home Health Aides be more aware of the drug process and thus paying even more attention to the specifics and activities of medication and recovery administration. The direct care workers ensure that the medications have been delivered and the confirmation notes are made in real-time in accordance with the specific identity of them when the drug is administered and confirmation has been obtained.

Enhanced Occupational Safety and Welfare

The incorporated transparency features result in a safer and more efficient workflow that benefits the wellbeing of residents and allow direct care workers to trust and attentively execute their drug administration roles.

Medication Diversion Prevention

No medical practitioner engaged in the administration of medicine is immune from drug diversion potential, but the preventive action that EMAR can take can help identify and reduce the diversion until it becomes a concern. Reports of substance use trends within EMAR may help detect possible issues. Staff assigned to prescribe the drug must log into EMAR with their specific identity cards, which would allow the system to recognize persons directly involved whether they are accused or identified, who is participating in the medication system when access and duties are practiced.

By Anurag Rathod

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