Deco P9 WiFi System

These days, there are many devices in every home which are deprived of WiFi network connectivity, such as video doorbells, smoke detectors, IP cameras, printers, vacuum cleaners, mobile devices, smart TV, gaming device, desktop device, and more. So all such devices require WiFi network connectivity because the SIM card network of the mobile phone is not stable. So in such a situation, people use a WiFi system for all these devices. People look for such a WiFi system that supports at least 20 devices and gives reliable network connectivity. Then, the Tplink Deco P9 WiFi System is the most suitable & optimum networking device for all the devices as well as the whole home. The network connectivity is very strong & reliable. This system absolutely supports all the devices.

The P9 WIFi system provides wider network coverage and all the area of your home easily covered. This WIFi system works with 3-units. Every unit of the deco WiFi system covers a 2,0000 sq. ft area. Then, all the units easily cover the 6,000 network coverage areas. If you enhance the network signals of the tp-link deco p9 unit then you need to check the firmware version of the deco unit. If the firmware version is outdated then you cannot enhance the network signals. 

Advanced features of the Tplink Deco P9 WiFi System 

The Deco P9 mesh WiFi system comes along with many features. This feature is very useful & beneficial to enhance the network range. If you really install such a device to fulfill the WiFi network connectivity for all the devices that are presented in your home then you need to know the features related to the deco mesh WiFi system. The advanced features of the Deco P9 WiFi system area are as follows.

Killer WiFi dead zone in your home

The Deco mesh WiFi system comes along with powerful networking technology, this technology is completely stronger & very faster. The MU-MIMO networking technology entirely works great and this technology is more powerful for the various types of client devices. With this technology, many devices easily connect to the WiFi system. Thus, the powerful networking technology completely kills the WiFi dead zone in your home. That means you can easily take the network signal connectivity in any area of your home. The Tplink mesh technology is enhanced in this WiFi system, which completely kills the WiFi dead zones. With this WIFi dead zone, you can easily say goodbye to the Wifi dead zone and not see the dead signal in your home. 

Seamless roaming with one WiFi network 

The network signals of the Tplink WiFi system are amazing & powerful. This WiFi system seamlessly works with three units. Every unit delivers powerful network speed as well as network coverage. If you wish to enjoy the network signal on the first floor of your home then you can easily enjoy the network signals. The network signals of this WIFi system easily go to every floor of your home. You can enjoy the blazing transmission speed without network congestion. Thus, the WiFi system delivers seamless roaming with dual-band networks as well as Beamforming network technology. Thus, this WiFi system is better & optimum for seamless roaming. 

Stays faster & speedy

If you want to join such a WiFi network which gives you all the time stable network connectivity and your device is always connected to this WiFi system. So you can enjoy such WiFi network connectivity by using the Deco P9 WiFi system. Thus, the deco WiFi system thoroughly delivers faster WiFi network signals with dual-band networks. In the dual-band networks, the 5GHz network is faster & speedy. You lag-free stream reliably HF+D videos without facing interrupting network signals. 

Simple setup & control 

The Tether app is available in the Google Play store on your android mobile phone & the Apple App store on your iPhone. Then simply install this app and then connect your deco unit to the App with the + icon or Add device option. Now, with the Tether app, you simply perform the setup in a hassle-free manner with the setting option. Then, with this app, you usually control the deco unit anywhere & anytime. 

Update Tplink Deco P9 WiFi System Unit

If the network connectivity of the deco unit is slow or interrupted then you need to check the firmware version. If the firmware is outdated then you cannot enjoy reliable stream videos or gaming. Then for this, you need to check the firmware version, if the firmware version is outdated then you instantly update it. 

To update the deco unit, you must log in to the account. Open the internet browser & then insert http//: in the search bar of the browser. Afterward, access the login page, then also insert the admin password in the password field. Now, login to the account and then visit the setting, and select the update option. In this option you need to verify the firmware version, if the firmware version is outdated then you immediately update it with the firmware file. 

By Anurag Rathod

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