how to start an online marketing business

Many people, professionals and also entrepreneurs have the belief that to work with digital marketing all you have to do is open a Facebook account or buy paid media via sponsored links on Google Ad words.

In fact, to have tangible results in the digital environment and beyond, one should be aware of how to start an online marketing business. Hence the great fallacy sold by suppliers and digital marketing companies that because they have technical certifications in certain products (Ad words, Facebook Ads, etc.) believe to be enough. As a rule, what happens most of the time are poor results, burnt out companies and suspicious entrepreneurs.

 In our digital marketing consultancy, Sr.Site, we work with our own methodology for managing digital marketing projects that has its roots in the PDCA. Does everyone know the PDCA?

PDCA is more than a method, but a complete philosophy of business management. At Sr. Site, we use this management philosophy throughout the company. From the people who think and develop business strategies to the end customer. In fact, the customer is the center of any well-crafted digital marketing strategy.

 PDCA involves the following macro processes:


In the context of our digital marketing methodology, every time we have a new client, we start with planning. Yes, it seems obvious, but I’ve seen more often than you think, dozens of customers who were served by digital marketing companies whose focus was on tools. So, we walk in the opposite direction. We believe that good digital marketing planning involves a correct understanding of who the customer is, their strengths, their weaknesses, who their competitors are, how their market behaves, if there is any type of differential that can be exploited or if we should create some.

We carry out a thorough and complete study of the client, almost like an X-ray. This process takes from a few days to a few weeks depending on the size of the company, the degree of complexity of your market, etc. In your planning best seo methods should also be there, so that you can make a plan to rank your website.


 With a schedule that is our guide, we bring to life the actions that were carefully planned in the planning phase. The schedule is an important part of our strategy, as it serves as a guide and a formal contract of what will be done and what not to be done, because after all, what is not on the schedule is implicitly out of scope!

But doing is not a loose phase and out of context. Quite the contrary, if in the planning phase what matters is to define clearly and correctly what must be done, in the execution phase, the essential thing is to do well what has been defined.


 Without effective monitoring of actions, every project runs the risk of going down the wrong path. This maxim is even truer in digital marketing projects where metrics must be collected daily, analyzed and the results must be evaluated for immediate corrective action. After all, an investment in a sponsored links campaign for a segment that was wrongly mapped there in the planning phase can lose thousands or even millions of dollars in promotional money.

 It is important to emphasize that in this phase the indicators defined in the planning phase are checked. Therefore, the project manager pays special attention to the team so that the parameters defined for each indicator are strictly adhered to. We work with an online panel where the client can monitor the real-time results of each investment made remotely.


If something goes unplanned or if things don’t go as expected, corrective actions are put in place. Our experience with digital marketing projects shows that the absence or leniency in taking corrective actions is what often causes digital marketing projects to founder. On the Internet, things move at a very high speed and it takes a feeling of teamwork and the prompt implementation of corrective actions so that the expected result is achieved.

Anyway, the frugality of the internet often makes it seem that in terms of digital marketing everything is very easy, very fast and smooth. We believe that a good digital marketing project management methodology is a basic condition for the success of any serious digital marketing campaign.

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By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.