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12 Golden Digital Marketing Trends You Must Follow In 2021

12 Golden Digital Marketing Trends You Must Follow In 2021

Keeping up with the latest trends in digital marketing is a necessity, whether you want to scale your business or advance your skill as a digital marketing professional. Sometimes, in spite of the exhaustive research, marketers fail to recognize the new trends that can be immensely profitable for their company if implemented as an early bird. We recognized your concern and rounded up 12 golden digital marketing trends you must follow in 2021.

Early birds get the utmost benefits in everything. No matter if you’re running a business or a digital marketing enthusiast. Developing the latest skills and implementing the new digital marketing trends helps to accelerate your business and professional growth.

The trends of digital marketing in 2021 are advanced. In order to implement these latest marketing trends in your business. You need to have good knowledge of digital marketing already. If you have, great! And if don’t. It’s never too late to learn advanced digital marketing skills. 

As you know, after the pandemic the demand for digital marketing professionals is surging. And, the internet is inundated with digital marketing courses. But, only some of them are actually teaching digital marketing with the latest methodology and hands-on practicals. Therefore, you need to analyze various courses in your city first, and after that only you should choose the best digital marketing course in Jaipur, Udaipur, or whichever city you are in.

Let’s get ahead to learn top trends in digital marketing in 2021

12 Golden Digital Marketing Trends You Must Follow In 2021

Technology is advancing at a faster pace so is digital marketing. The latest digital marketing tools are trends that are potentially helping businesses to convert huge potential prospects and making things easier and effective for marketers. Let’s dive into the 12 golden recent trends in digital marketing you should follow in 2021.

1. Chat Bots 

Your customers like instant replies. As a business owner, hiring employees for a 24/7 chat process can be costly, and it’s not possible for them to reply to every query instantly.

Thanks to Chatbot with Artificial intelligence, which answers the queries to your customers instantly and saves up to 30% of customer support costs. Therefore, most businesses are already integrating chatbots into their website and more & more will do in 2021.

If you also want to integrate a chatbot in your landing page, Facebook chatbot, many chats, fresh chat, chat fuel and mobile monkey are the best options for you.

2. Voice Search Optimization

Google has accomplished 95% accuracy in voice search options to match the user query. Uses of Alexa and Siri are not only being popularized in social media. But, also according to research done by review24, it is revealed that 50% of teenagers use voice search every day.

And, the trend is further going to be increased due to phenomenally easy ways to get what we are looking for. It is estimated that e-commerce business voice search is going to take a big leap, and by 2022, 50% of purchase queries will be conducted through voice search.

What are you waiting for to give your customers a remarkable experience of effortlessly searching for what they want?

3. Video Marketing 

As users are shifting on mobile devices, long sales email marketing copies are becoming less liked. First, it’s difficult to read, and second, users are more likely to grasp the information through video than text.

Videos are a fun and easy way to present your message. Alongside, if we talk about the efficacy of video marketing, according to statistics embedding a video on the landing page can increase 80% conversion rate, 66 % of users say they rather opt to watch a video than reading text, 

In spite of that video marketing can be enormously profitable for your business because you can easily repurpose your videos such as:

  • Add them to an email marketing campaign. ( the word video in the subject line can increase click-through rate by 96%)
  • Embed in your landing pages.
  • Integrate into blogs.
  • Share on social media and video-sharing platforms.

4. Automated & Personalised Email Marketing 

Most professionals rely on emails, and the usage of emails is estimated to be 4.3 billion by 2023. Even though, excessive promotional emails, people are more likely to ignore promotional emails. But, still, you can bring them into your realm just by nurturing them with the information they would like to gain and making them feel they are special.

I know! It’s not possible to send personalized emails to each of your prospects. That’s where automated email marketing tools step in to help you.

Sendin blue, mail chimp, sender, moosend are some of the best email marketing automation tools you can use. These tools facilitate you to make personalized email marketing campaigns with compelling email marketing templates, scheduling options, and many more.

5. Social Messaging Applications

Social Messaging apps like Whatsapp, WeChat, telegram, and Facebook messenger have a 90% open and a 30 % click-through rate. Through a social messenger, you can directly send promotional messages to your customer and get them to respond more quickly than any other platform.

For making things effortless implementing digital marketing trends you must follow in 2021 can yield staggering results. For automatic messages, you can use tools like social pilot, buffer, Hootsuite, and workflow.

6. Instagram Reels

Even though Tik-Tok is banned in India, the madness of spending a bulk of time watching reels isn’t. You can leverage Instagram reels to provide educational content for your business.

On top of that, Instagram has also launched a new Instagram insight feature where you can analyze your reel reach, engagement, and many more things.

But, make sure you represent your content in a compelling way on Instagram reels in order to get massive engagement.

7. Quora Marketing 

Quora is not just a website where you can get the answers of your questions or give people your best advice. In fact, It can be the best source to generate high-quality traffic. Yes! 65% of quora users have a college degree so you can guess the quality of traffic you will receive. 

On top of that, according to the statistics, every ¾ user on the website comes from quora. And, recently quora has launched its advertising feature as well which can be highly beneficial for the companies that provide educational content.

8. Visual Search 

Visual searches are taking digital marketing trends 2021 by storm. Big companies like Google, Amazon, and Pinterest are gaining 600 million visual searches every month.

As more and more people are being aware of visual searches you need to optimize your content for visual search so that you don’t lose your potential customers.

9. Social Media Stories 

Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and Snapchat stories are great ways to bring engagement and ask users what they like and don’t about your company’s product and services.

And, even asking me questions is the phenomenal trend to get user’s attention and provide them more information about your product & services in a fun way.

10. Content Marketing 

In spite of remarkable new players like Video Marketing, Instagram Reels and Messenger are dominating digital marketing. Content Marketing is not going to be obsolete in 2021 or in the future of digital marketing trends. After all, content marketing conversion rates are 6 times higher than other methods.

11. Vernacular Seo

People from every walk of life are getting their hands on the internet. And not everybody speaks English. That’s why vernacular SEO is in the trend of digital marketing and can drive huge conversions to the brands.

12. Influencer Marketing 

Users are more likely to follow an influencer page than a company. If you want to reach a wider audience 90 % of surveys estimate leveraging influencer marketing is effective for brand awareness and drive conversions.


In this article, I have explained all types of digital marketing trends to follow in 2021. These trends are potent enough to impact your marketing campaigns drastically and will drive massive results.

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