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Every business requires a reliable and strong bulk emailing server to launch the crucial information, notification, and other matter through emails to its clients, employees, and potential customers. Here we will provide you the insights into such bulk email server hosting – SMTP. SMTP is primarily an IP/TCP-based protocol. It is highly famous among professionals for flawlessly transmitting emails across the World Wide Web. Let us initiate by comprehending the term bulk email SMTP server.

What is SMTP Server?

The SMTP server is the short form for the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol server. It is known as the bulk emailing server and serves as an application whose primary is to send, receive, and relay outgoing mail between email senders and receivers. Furthermore, this bulk emailing server is also described as a piece of computing machinery utilizing which you can ensure that your emails are perfectly delivering or are being received by the email subscribers’ inboxes across the web.

A Simple Mail Transfer Protocol server gets the set address (or addresses) by you that is formatted as ‘smtp.serveraddress.com’. When the email is sent, the bulk email SMTP server processes your email, makes the decision about which server to send the message to, and then relays the message to that server.

What are the Types of SMTP Servers?

We are rapidly advancing along with the ever-growing technology world. Amidst this position, you can find SMTP bulk email server hosting providing an excellent option to ensure the right delivery of your bulk emails. You can find many SMTP bulk email server hosting providers rendering different email marketing packages. You can pick any of them which suits the best to your web business.

Furthermore, you must know that there are two common types of SMTP servers. The first category enables your business to have a third-party SMTP server in order to accomplish the numerous email sending requirements.

Whereas the second category is a platform that lets your business make the decision to host a bulk email SMTP server independently. It is made possible by building a comprehensive infrastructure in order to generate support to fulfill the necessities. This category also includes the implementation of software and hardware.

It is highly recommended that you must approach a bulk email server hosting service from a leading, reliable, and secure hosting company to ensure the realization of your business needs and excellent round-the-clock support from professionals. Thus, here we will introduce you to one such bulk email SMTP server provider – Serverwala company. Dive into the subsequent section to know more about this company.

Why is Serverwala’s Bulk Email Server the Best Choice?

The Serverwala company is among the most influential and renowned organizations in the corporate world. It has been recognized through various awards for providing the best server services and facilities all over the world at the most affordable rates. With the Serverwala company, you can acquire the best and cheapest bulk email SMTP server hosting that will render you the following benefits-


The Serverwala bulk emailing server comes up with the premium network that renders the highest connectivity.


Every dedicated bulk SMTP server of the company is housed in secure cabinets. Moreover, only a limited number of people can have access to these cabinets.


The Serverwala data centers consist of four layers of high security. It involves armed security staff, visitor screening, two-factor authentication scanners, and recorded CCTV video surveillance.


The Serverwala company is an environmentally conscious organization that makes use of environmentally-friendly electric power wherever possible.


The Serverwala provides the bulk email server hosting service that finds the perfect balance between maximizing performance and minimizing cost. Thus, you can have the best value of the cost you will pay.


You will have 24/7 customer support from the trained and certified professional team of the Serverwala company. The team provides instant solutions to all the issues that you might encounter.

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