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The electronic signature app is included in every DocSignPro tariff. Here’s how to make the most of it. Tech companies have been promoting business process automation (BPA) for ages – and it turns out they were right. Having software and machine learning handle our repetitive, paper-based, table-heavy, and manual office tasks is as good as the norm today. Automation is still associated with desktop computers, even though more and more business is happening on mobile phones, from ordering B2B products and services to approving invoices and generating reports.

Even if BPA catches on, smartphones and mobile apps will continue to be better able to help those involved complete important business tasks with a few taps and swipes of the finger. So much so that smartphones have become our favorite business computers. So it’s no surprise that electronic signing is also becoming mobile. It just makes sense to do document-related tasks such as signing contracts, managing permits, or submitting forms on the go. But how does one do it? Can the signing of something as complex as a sales or employment contract be managed from an iPhone? Would it even be considered legitimate? The answer of all of the questions is the big ‘Yes’.

Mobile Working is  fast – really fast

First of all, electronic signature app are secure, legally binding, and recognized in both US and European law. Regulators and lawmakers have recognized that e-signature is the future. The reasons for this are easy to understand.

Obtaining signatures on all of the contracts and approval forms we deal with on a daily basis takes up a lot of unproductive time – a lot of it. A 2020 survey by Ademero found that 45 percent of businesses take more than a week to sign a contract. This leaves too much room for administrative errors, damaged documents, errors, and delays. E-signature online app can save you lots of effort.

Our best e signature app solutions are integrated with some of the most popular mobile business applications such as Salesforce, M-Files and others. We’ve connected the dots and made it easier to bring all of your cloud-based workflows together in the palm of your hand.

With our Google Workspace integration you can, for example, send a DocSignPro request from a Google Doc or within Google Mail. Simply switch on the DocSignPro plugin in the workspace app you are using.

It is easy to Organize Electronic signature app through Mobile

Finding, organizing, and editing documents is a time-consuming exercise that can lead to frustration and unproductivity. It gets worse when you rely on paper documents. When you log in to DocSignPro, you create a single vault that will store every document you send, along with the audit trail associated with each individual document.

And creating new content will also be easier. With the help of templates, you can easily create new documents – with all the important phrases and phrases that already exist. This is a major benefit if you are creating on a mobile device. And even if you have to sit down at the keyboard later to finalize details, you can start drafting on your mobile phone. Finally, at the bottom of a sales funnel when big sales are on the way, the electronic signature app makes it easier to start the final process and seal the deal. Handling free e signature on smartphones speeds things up even more.

How to sign documents on the mobile phone

If you already use DocSignPro on a desktop PC then you know how to use it on your mobile phone. Simply go to the DocSignPro website using your smartphone or tablet web browser. Then log into your account and follow the same steps:

  • Add or upload the document to be signed.
  • Create a signature flow from your contact list.
  • Choose who has to sign what and indicate where.
  • Sign it yourself (if necessary).

Get the signed document back or view the activity log while you wait to see what action was taken

Check out the in-depth tutorial here to learn more. If you are not sure about the quality of your mobile electronic signature. Then the video here explains how to create a new signature with your touchscreen.

Why e-signature on the mobile phone?

It’s fast: e-signatures on the mobile phone are executing in seconds, and e-signature requests arrive immediately – with a practical notification in the recipient’s inbox.

It is legally binding: electronic signature contracts are fully compliant with the EU and American e-signature laws.

It enables sales: no more waiting for the customer to log on to their PC.

It’s environmentally friendly: at DocSign. We plant a tree every time a new customer takes out a paid subscription, and you no longer have to use paper.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.